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  1. Supercar Sunday - Gaydon

    General Alfa Discussion
    We've managed to get hold of 4 VIP tickets for the above courtesey of a neighbour called Barry who works for Jaguar. His son has Williams syndrome and the event is making a generous donation to the cause:cool: Looks like...
  2. TVR to produce 600 bhp Supercar for Geneva next year

    General Motoring Discussion Awesome :D
  3. 'Interesting' looks for new supercar

    General Motoring Discussion may be it'd look better in Rosso Red? :cheese:
  4. Anyone blagged a test drive in a supercar?

    General Motoring Discussion
    Just come back from my X type test drive.Now the dealer is a joint Jag/Aston franchise. After I parked my Rover 75 (round the back) :o I strolled past the Astons and drooled over a Vanquish.A salesman came up and asked if he could help.(Must be a sign of maturity that I now look like I could be...

    Motoring Images
    Debut at the Frankfurt motor show ... Likely to be called the "Evoluta" Gazza
  6. Best £100k Supercar

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  7. Alfa Shock - Supercar !!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Some of you may know this already but..... just read Auto Express, which has a picture of an Alfa on the front It's called the Evoluta. It actually looks a bit like the Merc or Honda S200 roadster thingy from the front. The back is a kinda notch back like "Eleanor" in "Gone in 60 seconds", looks...
  8. Alfa Supercar is here in 2005

    General Alfa Discussion
    According to Autocar Alfa will build something very similar to the Brera in in 2005,although the Brera name will not be used.They mention the name Evoluta.Instead of of a 2+2 it will be a strict 2 seater. Alfa want it to out perform the Porsche 911 and to cost around £50k.There is talk of a...
  9. Supercar!!!

    Alfa 155
    Just been looking through the member cars whilst chatting with Marcus and he came across this beauty................ Check out the bhp figures from a 1.8 eek! eek! Hope this is a misprint, how is it possible??? wrinx