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  1. Anyone interested in Autoitalia Supercar Sunday @ Brooklands (15th July)

    General Alfa Discussion
    Apologies for posting out of the events forum, but anyone wanting to get into the Alfa area must be pre-registered for this event. It's all a bit lastminute, but please PM or e-mail me with your name/address/reg number and I'll try and sort it out if it's not too late. Event thread is here...
  2. Autoitalia Supercar Sunday Gta's at Brooklands

    UK National Events
    A new event this year from Autoitalia. And it will include some seriously rare Supercars. Look on the Autoitalia website for information. I will be there with the stand and several Gta's will be coming along. Breakfast rolls for the early one's. Plus a few spaces might be available to go on...
  3. My new gtv!!! and first trip to work i end up in the middle of a supercar convoy

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi guys well I bought another gtv (my 3rd alfa now) Its a nice rosso red, 68k fsh, sunroof, spoiler, stainless steel exhaust, 17 alloys and just had all the belts don etc etc etc Im not sure on the alloys and aerial but i will give it time. I already have my little job list, brake pads, lowering...
  4. Exhilarate Scotland - Supercar road tour

    General Motoring Discussion
    Had a great day playing in cars today - unfortunately the italians were not present :( I got to drive each car for around half an hour. Weather was changeable but this gave real road experience, circa 500bhp and standing water focuses driving ability! Cars out today from Killin to Oban and...
  5. Supercar lifestyle gaudix circuit

    General Motoring Discussion
    Just wanted to share my thoughts on a super car holiday I purchased from supercar lifestyle car club. We went on an all inclusive holiday to granada Spain for 3 days, 2 days driving, 1 day off to see Granada and go karting. The cars we drove were - Lamborghini gallardo, Ferrari 360 challenge...
  6. Supercar insurance

    General Motoring Discussion
    If someone is luck enough to own such exotica like say a Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini etc. Who do they go to for insurance? :confused: Remember Clarkson trying to insure a Veyron on TV and they couldn't 'quote him happy' so i'm guessing most of the mainstream companies won't, or can't...
  7. Supercar / Superbike Sunday, Sharnbrook hotel 11/09/2011

    South East Usual Sharnbrook hotel type event, F1 (Italian GP) in the Amalfi Suite, entery £3 unless you are in an Italian car or on an Italian bike. Will be there, on the Ducati if its nice weather, in the 166 if its murky. :)
  8. Wilton House Supercar Show

    Meets & Events Images
    Took 1 or 2 pictures today.....
  9. Hedingham Castle Supercar Meet

    South East
    On Pistonheads - Hedingham Castle Supercar Meet For the 3rd year, we'll be organising the Hedingham Castle Meet. Confirmed date: Sunday 19th June 2011 Time: 10am to 4pm Location: Bayley Street, Castle Hedingham, Halstead, Essex, CO9 3DJ Entry cost for displaying supercars: £5 per car...
  10. Cup-a-Like heads Supercar line up at Brooklands!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Due to it being the best looking GTV at Brooklands today the organisers asked for my Cup-a-Like to head the Supercar line up on the Brooklands banking.;) Clive
  11. Supercar Sunday at Goodwood

    South East
    It's Breakfast Club at Goodwood again on Sunday the 1st of May and the theme is Supercar Sunday. It's completely free to park up and enter the track to drool at the many supercars that turn up, well worth the drive! If anyone...
  12. alfa romeo gtv v6... supercar?

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    I would love to own a supercar one day, but realistically its not going to happen. i honestly believe a good condition gtv v6 is about as close as u can get to a supercar on a budget (except maybe a mazzer)... its italian, its a coupe, its stunning, its loud, it sounds great and it goes like...
  13. Mclaren MP4 Supercar - STUNNING

    General Motoring Discussion
    At last the new Mclaren breaks cover and it is STUNNING:- :wow: McLaren MP4-12C | Car News | evo The first piece of exotica I have seen for ages that actually makes me think 'if only...' I love it. :inlove:
  14. Supercar event in New York

    General Motoring Discussion
    Last Sunday AO Member F Spider and I attended a privately organized supercar event in New York. 23 Exotics showed up and this is my lil' report:
  15. Which supercar would you buy?

    Poll Room
    I'm planning on winning the lottery tonight just like last week and the week before that. If you won the lottery what makek of supercar would you buy? You can add the make and name if you have a specific one in mind but i cant list them all on here.
  16. Diesel Supercar!

    General Motoring Discussion
    Impressive oil burner.... 500bhp & 1000Nm of torque! "The idle speed is set to 600rpm, yet even at this pace the unit serves up so much torque it will actually drive the R8 right the way into fourth gear without the need to touch the accelerator and by only using the clutch." Audi R8 | First...
  17. So you want to own a Supercar...

    General Motoring Discussion
    Article below comparing the Enzo to the F1. Look at the service costs. Ferrari Enzo vs. McLaren F1 Article about the Ferrari Enzo By: Michael Sheehan Comparing the ultimate supercars is much like comparing the various attributes of the world’s top supermodels: It’s all about what fantasy...
  18. Aussies' supercar

    General Motoring Discussion
    The latest Commodore: 496 horses and 472 lb-ft :wow: Newslinky
  19. GTA. Junior Supercar?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Ive read numerous times that the 147 GTA will outdrag a Civic Type R, Focus ST and Golf GTI but what i want to know is will it give a Porsche Boxter a run for its money. If it does then can the GTA be put into the junior supercar class and not just a quick hot hatch? Im asking because the GTA...
  20. GTA a supercar (official!)

    Alfa GTA
    Yesterday was such a good day. There was an event at Knockhill racetrack called Supercar Sunday, and, through a long combination of events, I managed to get VIP tickets. When we arrived we were directed to the VIP car park. As we parked a photographer came over and asked "Is that a GTA?" I...