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    In the sunset
  2. Alfa2


    Looking over Little Belt in Denmark
  3. Alfa Romeo 159 GoProes into the sunset

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hello everyone I am the proud owner of a 159 and I decided to pay tribute to what I think is the best looking sedan in the world. I took my GoPro, tried various angles on the inside and outside, went out in the sunset and added some very Italian music: My Alfa 159 on Youtube I usually do...
  4. Couple of Sunset shots :)

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  5. Largs Sunset Alfaowner style.....

    South Scotland
    Taken a few weeks ago..........
  6. Alfa Owner Sunset...........

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    Taken a couple of weeks ago before our summer ended!!!:(
  7. Sunset over the Clyde........

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    Not bad weather for the middle of March!!
  8. GT at sunset

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    Grabbed the camera and jumped in the car as I saw the sunset brewing up nicely. Drove to the park and found a quiet spot. Unfortunately the sunset wasn't as dramatic as I had hoped, but still pretty pleased with the results of some. What do you think? The lens is still the poxy Canon 18-55...
  9. my GTA at sunset

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    Couldn't help it......
  10. A GTA sunset

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  11. 159 at Sunset

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    I posted these pictures to the temporary forum - reposting them now for posterity. Apologies to those who have already seen them. Camera details: Hasselblad 501CM Zeiss 150 and 80mm Planar lenses Film: Fuji Velvia ISO 50 Scanned on a Nikon Coolscan 9000ED film scanner
  12. Sunset over Cheshire

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    You cant beat a nice sunset! Oh [email protected] its a tad large.
  13. Sunset GTA Bobda Stylee

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    Hi all, Bobda took the following photo at the Pistonheads Yorkshire Meet the other week, I think it's so awesome I thought I'd share it with you. :thumbs: Cheers mate
  14. Sunset GTA

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    Went for a drive across the moors between Hebden and Oxenhope, one of my fave roads, very twisty constant uphill gradient into a sweeping downhill, lots of nice apex's and some good viewpoints to park up and take piccies. One of these days I shall get a video camera on the car and post a...
  15. 156 at sunset

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    What a gorgeous day it was again today:D Gave her a wash this afternoon and went for a nice drive about 7.30pm just as the sun was going down over the moors between Bolton and Blackburn. There's some great twisties up there and it was virtually deserted this evening - happy days:cool:
  16. Lovely sunset (more amateur photography)

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    Just shot these a couple of minutes ago: No filters, no photoshop - just beautiful clouds.
  17. GT at sunset

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    Had a chance to give the GT a really good clean today and thought I would get some pictures in the sun before the typical British rain clouds come back to visit:rolleyes: Quite a few pics so sorry if it takes a while to show them all. ..and my favourite. Different car...
  18. Sunset in Portugal

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    Today, 20:50... Once more, the Atlantic Ocean, my world. I'll leave the speech to you... :)
  19. Sunset in The Netherlands

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    Just had a lovely sunset and I had to share it with you
  20. A Beautiful Sydney Sunset

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    This is what a call a great summer sunset !, Took this photo last weekend during a very nice dinner picknick :)