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  1. Best suited exhaust

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hey guys im very new here, im from Australia and im just wondering where i can get one and if there is anywhere online i can purchase a exhaust. for my 1.4 turbo giulietta. :)
  2. Tyre Pressure monitor system - more suited for GTA's

    Alfa GTA
    Guys I'm selling one of these in the parts for sale lounge. Take a look as I know that you guys are more likely to find it useful. Great little unit though! :)
  3. suited and booted!!!

    Motoring Images
    sooo nice when strangers stop and take pics of your car....makes me all broody (for another alfa that is!!)
  4. Wristwatch most suited to Alfa Driving.

    General Alfa Discussion
    So which watch suits cruising in an alfa down the road on a hot day. Shades on. Designer Italian Suit, with top shirt button undone, tie loose. I would say an Omega Seamaster with a blue dial :D
  5. what jets suited with cams? pls help

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Dear all, can I ask for advice on the jettings rec'd for use with C&B fast road 1.7 cams? I am currently using 150 main jet and ordered 175 air-corrector and size 3 emulsion tubes. Does anyone else have experience with it? Thanks for any imput.