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  1. Double Dinn Suggestions

    ICE & Blue&Me
    Hi Guys, I was originally going to just keep the old head unit in the car but have now decided against it and want to go down the double dinn headunit route. I have a few specifications I'd like to keep it to, but if the unit doesn't have 1 or 2 of them it's not the end of the world: Touch...
  2. rubber to plastic adhesive suggestions?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Need to stick a rubber strip to a plastic trim. I used sikaflex on sideskirts - which was great but trying to 'handle' that stuff on a delicate piece of trim would be difficult (plus I dont want to spend on a new tube of sika for 5ml of glue. I've tried superglue - but it goes brittle. Would...
  3. Replacement discs suggestions

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Looking to start the process of de-sorning and mot 166. Looking for new discs and pads all around and eBay is full of what appear good options. Stick to oem replacements or go for drilled upgrade? Any advice on what brands to avoid? Thanks. Hami
  4. Alfa 147 tailored floor mats... Any suggestions?

    Car Detailing
    Evening all, Been giving my Alfa a good first clean since I bought her today and I'm thinking I could do with some good mats. The current ones are tailored, but the fit is slightly iffy, they're looking a bit tired (don't you hate it when you can't hoover that ingrained dirt out?), and they're a...
  5. 156 jtd sport 150 tuning suggestions

    Tuning & Upgrades
    I'm new to modding turbo Diesel engines I'm looking for some advice on my 156 jtd 150bhp model 1.9 16v, Wanting more power ideally I'd like to break the 200 bhp barrier, Any suggestions on power upgrades? I like the idea of a gtb turbo some of you speak about, Is it a direct fit or will it...
  6. New Monitor power supply - suggestions / help required

    The Technology Section
    Chaps and chapesses, About three years ago*, work kindly provided me with a computer monitor for free. It is a Dell 1720FP. The downside is that it didn't come with a power supply :( Just to be difficult, I believe it runs on 14 Volts and neither Maplins nor my local computer supplier could...
  7. Oil leak. Any suggestions?

    Alfa GTA
    So my oil 'sweat' as it was described to me seems to be developing. So it is gearbox oil and it seems to be coming from the seal between the box and the diff. There would be the odd spot on the drive but if I give it good hard drive I can really smell it at traffic lights and the likes. I will...
  8. Suggestions for GTA technical section rule changes

    Community Help
    Dear moderators and fellow members, As there have been a number of issues of late in this section, might I suggest that this thread be used to make suggestions that could improve this section through modifications to the legislation governing it ( the rules). As all will know, there is a...
  9. Looking for new 156 gauges, any suggestions?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi All, Any recommendations on where to look for some new digital or fancy temp, clock and fuel dials? Looking to add a window side column set of dials and free the space to mount a bigger stereo system.
  10. Parts and jobs needing to be done - suggestions?

    Republic of Ireland
    Hi all, The summers here and my job list is getting longer - there's a couple of jobs getting on my nerves. ( thanks to Alfa Andy for giving me a push to start getting things done again ) Drivers door check strap - any available locally? ( breakers etc. ) Drivers door inside handle - doesn't...
  11. Driving to Italy....any suggestions?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hopefully this is the right place to post this! We're thinking of taking the new G to Italy on a bit of a road trip....but not really sure where to start. Has anyone else done a trip? If so, any recommendations or tips? By way of an up front payment, here is a recommendation for somewhere...
  12. New stereo suggestions 156?

    ICE & Blue&Me
    I currently have a Blaupunkt Los Angeles MP74 stereo with a Blau iPod lead coming out of the back into the glovebox. I also have an adaptor to allow my steering wheel controls to control it. This unit was a bit battered and second hand when I bought it 18 months ago when the OE CD player in my...
  13. Alfa Romeo 159 wheel suggestions

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi Guys I recently purchased a 159 1.9jtd 150 Lusso in Grey on a 09 plate, and it’s come with the 17" alloys (excuse my naivety as I’m not sure on the exact style of the alloy). I’ve looked at upgrading and buying the 18" alloys horshoe or turbine style but I’m not yet ready to part with the...
  14. Suggestions please

    Alfa 164 & 166
    I have a gearbox problem/conundrum - sixth gear has become unusable as with any load it just pops out. I know some may say why do you need sixth gear but it does make for great long distance cruising and helps with the cost of filling up. It's not the linkage adjustment and The problem has been...
  15. New Exhaust Suggestions

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi all, I have a 02 156 2.0 TS. I am wanting to change the exhaust to sound a little louder. Hoping to spend around the £200 mark. I have seen a few of you have custom exhausts, can anyone recommend a custom place near east sussex? Also any ideas on these exhaust? Custom Chrome - Home of...
  16. New Alternator for GT????? - Suggestions

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I've kept my Alfa GT 3.2l and things were going very nicely UNTIL a couple of days ago. The alternator went KAPUT and was towed to an auto-electrician. I collapsed and fainted when we talked about what was involved with labour. They used smelling salts to revive me. :eek: So I get used to the...
  17. New Car Suggestions - I'm Asking For A Friend

    General Motoring Discussion
    The bloke who I share a lift to work with has recently written of his 10-plate Mondeo TDCi Titanium X. He has 15 grand to replace it with something similar but not the same. What should he buy? He's 60 and is willing to downsize, a bit. His son is the body shop manager at a Vauxhall dealership...
  18. Looking for run route suggestions please for the GT Meet In The North West

    North West
    With the National GT meet getting ever closer thought it would be a good idea to ask members in the North West for some help ... Our meet point is the Phantom Winger in Preston. The run part of the meet has not been set in stone yet and despite spending some time hovering over the area on...
  19. Any suggestions on where to sell computers?

    The Technology Section
    I'm going to do a bit of a declutter of my office. I've got a Samsung netbook, a Dell inspirion mini tower and a Samsung 24" monitor that I don't use anymore. Is fleabay the best, or is there somewhere better/easier?
  20. OEM Radio Replacement Suggestions

    Alfa MiTo
    Might get this AVIC-F40BT GPS Dual Zone Entertainment System with a 7 However she is a bit pricey:cry: Any suggestions? 3-2-1- Go........ apologies to quash any similar threads, I am at my wits end :rant: