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  1. Auto-trader suggested prices

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    I don't know if anyone takes any notice of the suggested prices, but I was disheartened to see the suggested price of my 159 at £2300. I'm not even considering selling it but, for insurance purposes, I would have liked to see a higher price, given the spec. (18" horseshoes, red leather, near...
  2. Any suggested Substitute for Dreamweaver

    The Technology Section
    I'm looking for a piece of web development software. Way back in the good old days I used Frontpage. I've also done some work with Dreamweaver, but I'm wondering if there are any good packages out there that are less expensive and will allow me to edit existing sites (ie I don't want to have to...
  3. Someone suggested a run out to Whitby!

    North East
    Hi everyone, I thought I would set up a thread for us to discuss a possible run out to the seaside in mid-June. We need to settle on the right date/time etc. and a route. I wondered about the weekend of 15th-17th June. I don't really have a view on what's best in terms of the day though...
  4. Couple of suggested dates for meet ups

    North East
    How about a pub or cafe meet and chat (either an evening at the Church Mouse - or similar - or a morning at the A68 cafe)? What about Sunday 22nd? Also......Curry Night? Wondering if a post pay-day curry blow-out might be in order? I'll say Feb 8th and will wait for the usual plethora of...
  5. suggested brake pads?

    Republic of Ireland
    Hi lads, The "insufficient brake fluid" light is constantly on for the last 2 weeks but the reservoir has plenty of juice and the other day there was a rubbing/grinding sound coming from somewhere when I pressed the brakes so I think its the pads, any reccommendations? Remember I'm not...
  6. suggested iPod adaptor for my Brera?

    ICE & Blue&Me
    I thought things would have been easy, but then I noticed that actually there might be more than one version/model/producer.. what would you guys suggest me to get in order to be able to plug my iPod to my car? I have normal stock stereo, and all I would like to do is playing the iPod...
  7. Suggested iPhone mount in the mito?

    ICE & Blue&Me
    I want to mount my iphone in my mito, but not on the windowscreen or dashboard. The only place this really leaves is to use a cup holder mount. Can anyone suggest a cup holder mount for the iphone 3G? Or any other mount that isn't a suction cup on the windowscreen? I am looking for something...
  8. Suggested dent/scratch removal Essex

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    got a couple of car park scars on the GT, can anybody recommend a mobile dent repair type company in this area. Romford or 20 mile radius, Ta:thumbs:
  9. Suggested Dates & Place for AOY August meet

    Ok I know were in the middle of Holiday season :cool: But lets see how we go Was thinking Saturday 30th or Sunday 31st at Strines Inn, Bradfield - Sheffield Pub Guide I thought those of use coming for the North could meet at The Corn Mill and drive down in convey :) Then all meet up at the pub...
  10. Suggested venue for an AO meet!

    Motoring Images
    We went here Saturday before last. It's a superb place and would make a fantastic setting for a meet. Anybody recognise it ??? It's in England incase its French style has you confused :)
  11. The Alfa dealership suggested buying a Saab

    General Alfa Discussion
    Can you imagine the guts on that one??? :mad: :wow: To make a long story short, I’m an Alfa lover to the bone. I’ve had my 147 GTA Selespeed for almost 4 years now and before that a 147 2.0 Selespeed. It never broke down while the warrantee was on (Except for from problems that the dealer...
  12. Suggested Wheels for Q2 look

    Alfa GTA
    Seen here on Ebay, made by the same people TOORA but in 17" I think they look nice Click me
  13. Suggested performance mods?

    Alfa 145 & 146
    Hi all, have had my 1.6 145 junior for a couple of weeks now, n have decided she needs a bit more power, dont want to go silly, but a bit more (especially low down the rev range) wouldnt go amiss. Was thinking of trying to get hold of some second hand fast road cams n an induction kit.... what...
  14. Suggested selling price for 147 J12

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi, I'm looking at selling my '02 j12 147 but would like some guidance on pricing it. I really love it and do not want to sell but my daily drive to work has just increased from 8 miles per day to 80 miles per day and I just don't want to run it into the ground like that. It's in great condition...