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  1. Windscreen made of sugar glass?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Well have just come back off holiday (great holiday in Italy, but left the car at Gatwick). On returning back through the 50mph road works on the M25, a stone hit the screen by my wiper. Now my wife has a 10 year old Zafira with a screen covered in stone chips, some have even started to go white...
  2. Salt or Sugar

    Poll Room
    So what do you put on your porridge???
  3. Sugar coated cars

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hello. Is it me or is anyone else struggling to get the new substance that the Highways Agency in using to keep our roadsfree of ice hard to get off their cars:( :confused: Here in the Midlands, the HA have proudly announced that they have added sugar to the usual mix of salt etc. as it's...
  4. I like it black with lots of sugar...

    Motoring Images
    FAR OUT!!! Sex on wheels huh? One day Justin... one day.