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  1. Sandown Canal Walk Sucks!!!

    South Africa
    Do these people answer their phone at all? :tut: I have been trying to book my car in for a service and for the past hour have been calling them. First they put my call through to their servicing department which placed me on hold. Then they cut me off... :rant: Then I tried calling again, and...
  2. Induction pipe "Sucks"

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Got a warning "Ping"and a "Motor Control System Failure" message whilst traversing the last few roundabouts exiting M Keynes on Saturday following a session of playing with model boats at Willen Lake. Fortunately, engine behaving it self with no signs of any major issues. On purchasing my...
  3. 156 complete system upgrade as Bose sucks.

    ICE & Blue&Me
    OK I knew this would happen. I've already posted a couple of questions regarding a few simple upgrades but having been out in my "new" 156 all day I realise that no matter what the Bose system is absolute pants (sorry all you Bose fans). My previous system had a Sony HU running into an Audio...
  4. Do'h. that sucks....

    Alfa 164 & 166
    the 166 has thrown in the towel. the (brand new) timing belt tensioner has collapsed, taking the valve timing with it. it in classifieds, anyone with £400 can take it away - must be worth that for the ICS wheels and brakes alone, not to mention the new metal impeller water pump :cry::cry:
  5. Tesco diesel SUCKS !!!!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Anyone experiance this ? Used the 5p off voucher to fill my 147 JTDM resulting in sluggish perfomance and juddering when accelerating in lower gears..10 squids of BP ultimate after the tesco crap had burnt off and the difference was very noiticeable.. its cheap..but you get what you pay for
  6. My GT sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I have owned my GT for 5 weeks now, i bought it brand new and every week i have had it, it has been back to Alfa. it rattles like a bag of spanners Alfa keep " sorting it " the within a couple of days the rattles are back! it went in last monday and whilst at the dealership it got smacked by...
  7. It sucks to be an alfa owner in the north of Scotland

    General Alfa Discussion
    So i decided that it would be a good idea to complile a list of all Alfa Romeo dealers in the north of Scotland for my fellow NS regioners, But i hit a, rather large, snag. There are none....... I searched all the major towns in the north of Scotland, Aberdeen, Inverness and Dundee and drew a...
  8. Fiat -arnold clark aberdeen sucks for parts.

    General Alfa Discussion
    Arnold clark in aberdeen are the only parts dealers for alfaromeos in the entire north of scotland. Went in to get parts for my 145, check it out: 145 plastic topped engine thermostat: RRP: £35, shop 4 parts price: £25, Arnold shark price: £45!! 145 engine temp sensor: RRP: £12, shop 4 parts...
  9. Aaaargh Insurance Sucks !

    Adrian Flux Insurance
    So I paid for a full years fully comp insurance around 4 weeks ago then crashed my alfa which has been written off :( . The insurers are saying that as I am making a claim for the car the policy will be cancelled and I get no refund which means I will have to fork out again to insure my next...
  10. iPOD iTrip sucks - but Belkin TuneBase FM rocks

    ICE & Blue&Me
    Just got an iPOD Video 80GB at the weekend. Seems pretty cool but don't want to talk about the iPOD itself now :) I wanted to immediately be able to use the iPOD in a couple of cars so I didn't bother getting the Denison ICE Link setup for now (that probably would be the optimal setup for my...
  11. Top Gear Sucks!!!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hello guys.... Alfa 156 guy who wants 25 years service from her... Ok.... TOP GEAR really sucks.... great entertainment but rubbish... They did a special on buying a Used Italian supercar for Mondeo money.... They were not completely fair!!!! 1) they chose poor cars .... should have spent...