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  1. My stepfront will be up foresale

    General Alfa Discussion
    what do you think she is worth 1 1967 stepfront no V5. 1300 engine. needs complete rebuild ,body is quite solid,comes with wide arch kit,spare floor pan front o/s, outer sill other bits as well.its stripped except for rear axle,my son cracked the front windscreen pratt that he is :mad: .car has...
  2. Do I Keep The 75 Or 105 Stepfront

    General Alfa Discussion
    :confused: IV'E Got a major headache as you know the probs i had with the 75.well its fork in the road time.On the left is the 75 needs sorting out to get a mot,needs a respray and i would love to fit the evo bumper kit on it, the last two could wait mot it and im back on the road possible minor...
  3. Guilia "Step-front"

    General Alfa Discussion
    Oh fountain of all Alfa-knowledge, please grant me your wisdom in my quest for enlightenment...... ;) I am curious about the Bertone coupe - I have seen ads and articles that refer to the "step-front" styling. Does anyone know what this actually means, and how it differs from the alternative...