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  1. Alfa Stelvio
    Does anylme know how I can register on alfa connect as a second onwer? Thanks
  2. Republic of Ireland
    Have been hoping to upgrade my Giulia to a Stelvio. 2018 Stelvio just added to Carzone, for €50k!! Bananas price in my eyes, ruined my hopes of owning one for now!!
  3. General Alfa Classifieds Section
    This is a used kit which was previously fitted to my car. This kit new is over £350. The filter is slightly dented and has been used for approximately 30K. Filter could do with a clean - easy do to with a kit available online. Gives a much stronger induction and blow off noise. Easy to fit...
    £150 GBP
  4. Tuning & Upgrades
    Hello everyone. I am a Mito 1.6 MJT and Fiat Grande Punto 1.6 MJT owner from Greece. I saw an old post from member @Kosterific, swaping a Giulietta 2.0 170 Motor and i was wondering if i could swap the newer 2.2 Multijet Engine which can be found in Giulia, Stelvio and Cherokee 2.2 instead of...
  5. Alfa Giulia
    Hello. I need a central locking diagram for giulia \ stelvio. Can anyone help?
  6. Alfa Giulia
    Brace yourselves, folks. It's coming. Official MY20 Qf presentation Thursday, 11AM CEST
  7. Alfa Stelvio
    Hey guys, I have at 2018 Stelvio Ti, just hit 10,000km. Recently I noticed that after leaving the vehicle turned off (after letting properly cool down in driveway after driving), the vehicle begins making sounds. From the outside, it sounds like a faint beeping sound under the hood. Upon...
  8. Alfa Stelvio
    Hi, new to the world if forums, hopefully it pays off. I have a 2018 Stelvio and have grown tired with the lack of oomf from the stereo so I've purchased an in line mini amp with built in dsp (Kicker Key 180.4 Smart Amplifier) to give the door speakers a bit of a boost and a sub and amp for the...
  9. Alfa Stelvio
    Here you go:
  10. Alfa Stelvio
    Got mine Friday morning. Ref: Alfa Romeo Recal/update 8242. Incorrect Fuel Level Reading on Instrument Panel. Quite surprised, as it says they are worried (it is a safety issue apparently) that the car could report more fuel than is actually in the tank. In the last 8k miles, I'd say mine is...
  11. Alfa Stelvio
    Hi, I have a 6 month old Milano petrol 280BHP model which is great apart from one thing, the throttle delay. This is particularly noticeable when reversing off my drive and then switching to drive. press the throttle and wait, hopefully it kick in before the car coming up the road rear ends...
  12. Alfa Stelvio
    Bodywork Stone chips More on paint Paint codes Replacing the rear boot badge Suspension Suspension overhaul Upgrading Outer cv boot Rear bushes Front Upper Arm Bush Lower wishbone Drop Link Replacement Brakes Handbrake Cable replacement How to fit brake pads and discs Tyres...
  13. Alfa Stelvio
    Hi All, So...after 2 1/2 years in a Giulia Speciale (2.2 - vulcano black), in November I'll be switching to a Stelvio Speciale (2.2 vulcano black / lusso pack). I've had a great couple of years in the Giulia, but with a growing family wanted the extra space / boot space of the Stelvio...
  14. Alfa Stelvio With its forensically sharp yet silky steering and obligatory Italian good looks, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is an all-round delight....
  15. Alfa Stelvio
    I was wondering if there any Stelvio owners and get their feedback on how the transition from one car to the other. I am still not sure on the Stelvio or the SUV jump that most manufacturers want everyone to go to. What would you say the pro's and con's owning one. I've owned four 159...
  16. Alfa Stelvio Looks good, has the options I wish mine had. Must start looking for that man maths calculator........
  17. Alfa Stelvio
    Does anyone know what Torx is used on the front brakes on a ‘2017 Milano - 2.2TD 210’? Cheers
  18. Alfa Stelvio
    This is the American spec key. Panic!
  19. Alfa Stelvio
    Getting ahead of myself maybe but excited (and also anxious) to plan what vehicle will replace my Giulia Veloce next year. I have 2 dogs, one of which is quite a large labradoodle, and it's paining me having them on the back seat of the Giulia, albeit with a full 'hammock' in place. It's also...
1-20 of 143 Results