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  1. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    So my dad's normal indie specialist he has used for the last 7-8 years has closed down. She had an MOT today and there were some advisories that came up. Passed but the advisories were some preventative things. Rear bushes have some play, rear springs are corroded. Bushes for the anti roll...
  2. East Anglia
    The 11th Stamford Round Table Car Show - 2014 | Well worth a trip out, weather is looking ok, it's free and the town is a lovely place for a walk around:thumbs:
  3. Lincolnshire
    The 11th Stamford Round Table Car Show - 2014 | Well worth a trip out, it's free weather looks good and Stamford is a lovely town to walk around :thumbs:
  4. East Midlands
    The 11th Stamford Round Table Car Show - 2014 | On today well worth a look, it's free, the weather looks good and Stamford is a nice place to walk around :thumbs:
  5. UK National Events
    Summertime classics show (was auto italia) Stamford hall
  6. Introduce Yourself
    First time Alfa owner so started with a 147 JTD Lusso with low miles. Had the car only a week but love it, previously had a Mondeo diesel but it lacked character. I will try and remember the Alfa wave. :)
  7. Lincolnshire
    Hi I have posted in several other threads so apologies if you have heard my tale of woe before. My 147 alternator died, was replaced then ran for awhile and now won't start. Have tried plenty of amateur things (as that is all I am capable of). Have immobiliser MCF issues now.Have been told it...
  8. Lincolnshire
    Decided it might be time to get my GTV's paintwork tidied up. I've a nice key mark along all three side panels that I thought I'd try to get a quote for. Anyone have any recommendations? cheers danny
  9. The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Hi there, I have just bought a 1982 LHD Californian Import Spider. She is beautiful, but my local garage has spent 6 weeks trying to get her on the road with no luck! It now appears that the ECU is water-damaged and we just don't know where to get replacement parts. Can anyone recommend a...
  10. North West
    ladies, gentleman, happyman... this sunday is auto italia day :D the convoy will start at lymm truckstop (M6/M56 interchange) this sunday at 8.30am. it's approx 1hr45m drive so we can all grab a maccy d's breakfast first and then get to stamford hall around 10.30/11 so who's coming? 1...
  11. North West
    Folks, the event thread is now up and running in the National Events Lounge here: Put your RSVP's in there, and I'll do a NW convoy thread nearer the time :thumbs: For those of you...
  12. Lincolnshire
    Katy's got a thread going regarding this: Whos up for it?
1-12 of 13 Results