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  1. sqeeky brakes!!

    Alfa GTA
    hi all After doing my alternator i developed a loud sqeak from my brakes, i believe i have contaminated them with grease.:rolleyes: i have cleaned them with white spirit, and it has improved is more frequent at low speeds and when turning slightly.does this sound like contaminated...
  2. Sqeeky upper wishbones...

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I wish to take the upper front wishbones from my car to give them a good greasing as they are squeaking pretty badly. How do they come out? It looks pretty easy but do I have to remove the strut, and then unbolt the whole lot, or can I just remove the pin. Many Thanks.
  3. sqeeky wheel

    Alfa 155
    when im going country back roads, i've notice the front o/s wheel tends to sqeek only when im steering to the right, any advice on were i can check? thanx ;)
  4. Sqeeky Doors

    Alfa 155
    Like most 155 owners I have noticed both of the front doors seek alot. What I have found out is that if you pull on the handle then the sqeek stops. So what do this mean, 1, I need to replace the rubber door seals, 2, Or adjust the catch plate to ensure the door is closed tighter...