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  1. severe water spotting on my 1987 Spider

    Car Detailing
    How do I remove the water spotting that has been on the paint for a long period of time?
  2. Atmospheric optical phenomena spotting with your Alfa...

    Non Motoring Images
    I was giving the Mito a bit of a spruce up on Saturday and was checking I'd not left any smears when I noticed a strange rainbow effect. I quickly realised it was actually a reflection from the sky and dashed inside to grab my camera fo ra few photos :). Circumzenithal and supralateral arcs...
  3. GT jtdms - spotting the 170s

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I know there's been some discussion on here about how to identy the 170bhp GTs, whihc seems to come down to: Can't go by the Cloverleaf badges Sport Button is a guarantee of 170 ...but even then, I've seen people posting that they have the sport button on a car that claims to only be 150...
  4. Alfa spotting

    South Africa
    If you have spotted an Alfa on your way somewhere. Why not post it and see if someone responds. I have spotted a couple of Alfa's lately so let me start. On Tuesday morning I spotted a red Mito in Natalie ave Murryfield and on the N4 west. On This morning i pasted a Maron Giulietta no the N1...
  5. 164/166 spotting in Switzerland

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Just spent two weeks working in Suisse... Well, can you imagine driving your 166 around and seeing 2 or 3 more in one journey....? Or staying in a little back-water town and seeing two or three buzzing around town over the course of a couple of days...? Do you have mixed feelings like me when...
  6. GTV Spotting competition today/tomorrow

    Republic of Ireland
    Ok, Dave is obviously the King of Alfa spotting - Lets see how the Dublin Fraternity are at it..... I am in Dublin today and tomorrow.... First person to spot my gtv gets a donation to a charity of their choice! No winners and I will donate to SVP. Rules - I need the last two digits of...
  7. LP670-4 in Singapore

    Motoring Images
    Business trip to Singapore last week, thought I'd include some of the cars I saw... Oh and you know, just a 670-4 SV no big deal... :wow: I also saw a 599 GTO fly past me but I was too slow to take a pic...
  8. Alfa Romeo Spotting - Google Maps Street View

    General Alfa Discussion
    Having some idle moments, I've just spent time looking at Google Maps Street View and seeing what Alfa Romeos are around. Sadly, via Brera in Milan does not have a single Brera that I can see. However, on the corner of Via Brera and Piazzetta di Brera we do find a 156 (illegally parked, but no...
  9. 166 spotting in Naples

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Greetings from Napoli. I've been looking for 166s, I've only seen three. Two older and battered (most cars are dented here, I wonder why?) cars spotted. A local senior Carabinieri officer drives an official F/L 166 just like mine! Black with black leather. He has a blue light on the roof. Very...
  10. Alfa spotting

    Alfa Romeo Cyprus Club
    hi lads just back from a week in ayia napa, great time and really liked Protaras but seen 1 giulietta, 1 147 and 2 156s, I actually seen more ferraris and porsches, quite a few actually. Is it possible to hire these sports cars in cyprus? or are they owned by locals? Was hoping to see a few...
  11. The weirdest Alfa spotting day :)

    General Alfa Discussion
    We live in a small seaside town, the a**e end of nowhere. Today, the weather was miserable so instead of walking, we took the car into the town centre. We parked on a road no more than 200 metres long. In that same road as our GTV was another GTV, a Spider, two 159 Sportwagons, a 156 Selespeed...
  12. Rhodes is great for Alfa spotting !

    South Central
    Had a great holiday in Rhodes..................saw loads of 156's, 147's, a couple of Mitos, 146's, a 166 and even a 33 and 75. Oh and the kids enjoyed it too ! :thumbs:
  13. Spider Spotting !

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    I couldnt find the thread for 105 spotting. Saw a nice Blue Series 3 Spider today, doing 70+ with the roof down (pretty impressive as it was F reg), was travelling east along M27/A27, turned off up the A3 I think. There was no point in me giving you Alfa wave as I was in the company car. Quite...
  14. Alfa spotting in Tuscany

    Republic of Ireland
    Just back from 10 days in Tuscany, rented a car and did a bit of touring, got a grand punto diesel, crap around town, not nippy enough but great for autostrada mile munching and pretty frugal, €70 for 750km and one day was 3 hrs across mountain switchbacks. A bit disappointed at first not a...
  15. Saddest ever 'Alfas in film' spotting?

    General Alfa Discussion
    It wa my wife watching it, honest. I just happened to glance at the TV at the right moment. Alfa Romeo 156 in "Murder, She Wrote: The Celtic Riddle, 2003"
  16. Flat Spotting

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    My 156 2.0 JTS has developped a nasty flat spot between 1.5k and 4k revs (depending on gear). So far, to try and resolve the problem I have Hard wired the Lambdas, changed the MAF and filter, Checked and changed coils and changed the plugs. Further suggestions have been the Throttle body or the...
  17. Alfa spotting

    General Alfa Discussion
    Had a good day today. Been up to Drby for a customer visit and saw quite a few nice Alfa's - started with a White LE spider on the M6 followed by an 8C on the A50 in Stoke - first oneI have seen on the road. Followed a nice 159 SW Q4 and a Nissano Blue Brera downthe M6 on the way back...
  18. Dead Alfa GT spotting

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Has anyone spotted any dead Alfa Gt's anywhere, scrap yards, salvage yards, etc etc. Im hunting some parts for my GT and just carnt seem to find any bar one anywhere for breaking :( So if you know of any breaking, or in any yards to be broken if you could let me know it would be much...
  19. Parts bin spotting

    General Alfa Discussion
    The interchangeable parts thread got me thinking... the Fiat parts bin - which bits do you recognise form other cars? After all, Fiat loves to share parts right across the group. As a start I present: 1. seat switches on the Maserati QP IV - same as the 166 2. Rear bumper reflectors on the...
  20. Best 'Alfa spotting' location, except Italy?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hello AR'ers... I think Amsterdam is one of the best places to spot Alfas ...:cool: I regularly see parked on the canals 33's, 145's, 146, 156's , 147's, 147 GTA, 156 GTA, classic GT 1600 Junior ( I think) . A few weekends ago I saw a 159 and Brera parked next to each other, so I stood there...