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  1. Alfa Giulietta
    I seem to have a problem removing the ignition key when the car has stopped. It is quite irritating. I have to start the car up again have a short distance drive and when I do stop I have to remove the key immediately. I have sprayed the lock with WD40 but to no avail. the inner circle where the...
  2. Alfa Giulietta
    Hi peeps, I run 2 dash cams (front and rear) plus AA wireless link and the normal day running lights plus music memory stick. Is there a battery other than the standard that can cope with all these devices without having to use a trickle charger every 2 or 3 days just so start/stop can...
  3. Alfa Giulietta
    Alfa Romeo Giulietta Hatchback 1.4 TB MultiAir Sportiva Nav 5d Used Car for Sale | Parkers
  4. Alfa Giulietta
    Can you change the voice on the SatNav? I hate women telling me what to do! ( only joking)
1-4 of 4 Results