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  1. Typical - just got into teh Alfa Spirit and then made redundant so have to sell 156

    General Alfa Discussion
    Really peed off at the moment, was told friday of redundancy and got 2 weeks. can;'t afford to get the 156 back on the road so have had to list it on ebay. woudl have puta classified on here butbloody work have got a filter preventing me...great. :cry: Anyway - anyone interested the ebay item...
  2. New BMW 1 series, to recapture the spirit of the old BMW 3 series

    General Motoring Discussion
    This is interesting...BMW might come full circle with the 1-Series, to give us a spiritual successor to the BMW 3 Series E90: BMW plots new 1-series saloon | Autocar So far, I'm quite interested in this car, if pitched as a back to basics BMW; light, zippy, agile, precise, sporty, focus on fun...
  3. White spirit on GT headlights - Help

    General Alfa Discussion
    I've just de-Europeanised our GT but had trouble removing the duck-tape beam benders from the headlights. Meths at little effect on the adhesive residue s I reached for the white spirit. BIG mistake as it has effected (softened) the plastic they are made of:( I've cleaned it off with fast...
  4. In Need Of Some Christmas Spirit

    Way Off Topic
    If your in need of some Crimbo spirit check this out Its our very own Aubrey doing what he does best :D :thumbs:
  5. Mazda RX-7 Spirit R

    Cool Wall
    This is the greatest RX-7 Mazda produced. It's the last edition of the third generation. It was a limited edition of just 1,500 units. This particular model was conceived to be enjoyed by the driver. It sports 17" BBS wheels as standard. Engine: 2 x 654cc 13B Rotary Displacement: 2,616 cc...
  6. In the spirit of Valentine's Day.................

    Motoring Images
    Our cars share a kiss:inlove: Taken with the new Camera I bought Clare for Valentine's day as she's off to India with work in March:cry: A dinky Fuji Finepix J150W:) PS. Both cars cleaned today:thumbs: Cheers,
  7. Xmas spirit at Somerset House Ice Rink

    Motoring Images
    I hope this helps get you in the festive mood. We had a great evening and toured London looking at the Christmas lights afterwards.
  8. Motors TV - GT Spirit

    General Alfa Discussion
    Those of us that have Sky can tune into channel 413 at 9PM totight and watch an hour long programme about Alfa Romeo:cool: I'll plus it so I can keep it (if it's any good). Cheers,
  9. christmas spirit at an alfa dealership

    General Alfa Discussion
    we always read about alfa dealers who upset us owners or provide poor service so i thought i'd share a different tale with my dash flashing at me like a christmas tree telling me my rear plate light was out, as was my front left fog light and front main light i dropped into my local dealer...
  10. my car said "bah humbug" to christmas spirit & destroys steering

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Well, merry Christmas to you all. Hope you all are a having a good one. Not so good for me.... You all might not remember, but the car got a hit a few months ago. Well having spent ages at the repair shop (inc a return trip for further rectification work) I got her back a few weeks ago. They...
  11. avatars with xmas spirit

    Motoring Images
    Nice to see a couple of new avatars these days. So far I have seen: Keep them coming so we can have a poll at the end of this week.
  12. Shall we turn on the xmas spirit?

    General Alfa Discussion
    To decorate AO or not, that is the question!
  13. Issue #3 of the "Spirit"

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Hello All, The new issue of the Spirit of Alfasud is online, enjoy!