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  1. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Have you picked it up yet Steve ?
  2. South Africa
    AT last! I collected my new (to me at least) 916 Spider this afternoon. I'll post pics after the weekend. Hopefully the weather will break enough to let me have a drive with the roof down !!:D :D :D :D
  3. Alfa MiTo
    And he's driving a mito:p Will post some more if wanted
  4. Introduce Yourself
    Have just aquired my 1st Alfa, a red Spider 1997 with 76K. Really pleased with it so far (12 hours of ownership!) Located in Exeter Devon:)
  5. Motoring Images
    One hell of a tattoo :cool: Even if you don't like them, that is art!!
  6. Introduce Yourself
    Hi, I recently adopted a '96 Rosso Spider. I am from HK and have been dreaming to own an Alfa for years. Hope to meet some other Alfa lovers here. Cheers, MRG:thumbs:
  7. Introduce Yourself
    hi all been plucking up courage to say hi for a while now so here goes...:p Actually been an alfa owner since 2001 at the ripe old age of 24. i still have the same one, a rossa red 1990 series 4 spider. Always been into cars and at the time i was looking at corrados or other future classics...
  8. General Alfa Discussion
    Can somebody please tell me if the shop here is still open? I'm interested in getting the Red Dot disks for my GTV but I'm not getting any reply when I mail [email protected] Could somebody please fill me in on this. Red Dot don't ship directly over here and we have no dealers so looks like...
  9. General Alfa Discussion
    May your spidey senses tingle for many more years! :D
  10. Motoring Images
    Especially for our Spiderman (windows media player only): connection: isdn adsl / xdsl
  11. General Alfa Discussion
    will be leaving his web to start a new job this week,which means some time away in sunny Cheshire.As a result you won`t see me around these forums so much for a while. Don`t worry though,in the words of Arnie."I`ll be back." :)
  12. General Alfa Discussion
    was takin a look at (thanks to Jamie) wink and i found this! Alfa Romeo Spider Factory Hard Top This is an original Alfa Romeo Hard top which was purchased as an option with a new 1991 Spider. It is in Alfa Romeo red (130) and features demisting rear window and courtesy light. It...
1-12 of 12 Results