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  1. A big cat - specially for Fraser

    Non Motoring Images
    This was taken in 1989 at a game lodge in South Africa. It was taken with an old manual focus Nikon F3. I really dislike the ring-like artifacts which arose from using a mirror lens. I have not used such a lens since.
  2. Special prices for a specially cold time of year!

    Announcements & Comments
    Just a quick note to advise you all that the AO fleeces & Beanie hats are now on a special offer, anyone that has one already will tell you that these are top quality and will keep you nice and warm! You can order online at the AO shop These offers will end on the 31st January 2009 subject to...
  3. Specially for Ivo: New Maserati Quattroporte!

    Motoring Images
    The pictures are too big, so I only posted the links! Enjoy!