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  1. The Technology Section
    Whatcha think, whatcha got? I was looking at a Sonos, usual problem, I like the one that has suddenly gone AWOL, the 3. I suspect it has been discontinued while they re-do it with Alexa. Bose, in the meantime, have the 500, similar size to the 3. It’s all the same to me so should I have one...
  2. The Technology Section
    I know there are quite a few techy muso's on here and thought this might be interesting to them, seems to be a fairly young product but the features look great, devices that add wireless upnp, dlna capability to your existing no network hifi that also acts as a wifi access point to extend...
  3. The Technology Section
    I have several different amp and speaker systems in different rooms, and several macs, one of which is connected to TV and main hi-fi. I also have 2 old airport express units and an airport extreme as part of my wi-fi network. I was also considering Sonos, as I'd heard the sound quality was...
1-3 of 3 Results