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  1. Father and son project

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    Hi all, Thanks for the welcome. So, story is I used to have a 147 jtdm. Great car. Not much leg room but I was in the front. It had to go for reasons I won't bore you with. Fast forward to a few months ago my eldest son decided he wanted a 147 too! Great. But there are a few issues and he's...
  2. Like father like son!

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    Hello to you all! Just yesterday I bought a gorgeous AR 147 from 2005. It's a 4door silver beauty with 2.0TS and Selespeed. I immediately had fallen in love with it. It has some stuff to work on as I paid only 2300€. All is well with it aside from a quirk with the Sele which I'll cover in...
  3. Cars in the Park Son 30-7

    South Africa
    Who is bringing his Alfa to the "Cars in the Park" at Zwartkop? The Alfas will be parked in our usual spot at the table top. ARCOP arranged a mobile stall with POMC to sell regalia. If you come in a pre-85 car enterence for 2 people are free. If you come in a post-85 Alfa, 2 people will be...
  4. My son is looking for his first Alfa

    East Anglia
    He fell totally in love with a red 145 1.8 TS we spotted while away, and has been scouring Autotrader and FleaBay for one - or something similar - ever since. He fancies an Alfa from "the old days" to restore (with a bit of dad's help). So I'm putting this on the Forum to see if anyone knows...
  5. Just bough my son his fist alfa

    South Africa
    Just bough my son his fist alfa
  6. Viewing this little Fiesta for my 21yr old son tonight..any tips welcome!

    General Motoring Discussion
    Yeah I know it's pricey (well pricey) but really want a nice little clean runner , this one appears to tick all the boxes ....timing belt done at 60k. Ford Fiesta : In Amazing Condition | Glasgow | Gumtree Anything I should look for ! Seller wants the car to go to a good home (that impresses...
  7. Bought my Son his first Alfa for his birthday...

    General Alfa Discussion
    Well he is only 3!
  8. Dad replied - Dont waste your money on a Alfa son, there rubbish!!

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    Hiya, Im a new member, going through a mid life crisis hence the Alfa purchase My old car gave up the ghost the same day the world was supposed to end -21/12/12 I bought a Alfa Romeo156 swagon last Saturday after lots of research & ignoring advice from others. Family, friends & work colleagues...
  9. **URGENT HELP REQUIRED** need a garage Stranded Son.

    West Midlands
    Guys. Need some help my son is stranded in Warwick because his clutch has failed. His current location is CV31 3BD, does anyone know a garage in the very local vicinity that could collect the Vauxhall Corsa and fit a new clutch and slave cylinder. Cheers. If this isnt the right section could...
  10. Put yer trousers on son... your nicked !!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Making my way home this evening along the 18 miles of country roads between my work and my home in my GT, I was pulled over by an unmarked Police car. Didn't think I was speeding so assumed maybe a back light had gone or similar !. The conversation then went "that was some fancy driving sir...
  11. Newbie- son of Nick Humphrey

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    Hello alfa lovers from around the world! I thought i should register to share some pictures of my dads old alfas:thumbs: My favourite by far I think this ts turbo is in denmark now. See engine bay below This picture was when testing the new turbo twin spark engine ^^^^^^^^^...
  12. My son trashed my 159 this morning. :)

    Republic of Ireland
    I'm really upset with him.....
  13. Son seeks Alfa for Dad. Help!

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Hi Everyone I am completely new to this. Funnily enough, I dont even own an Alfa. I drive a Fiat Punto. But my dad drives an Alfa 156 and has driven Alfas since the 1970s. I joined this forum to seek some advice. Let me explain My father has spent the last two years looking after my mum who...
  14. Son seeks Alfa for Dad. Help!

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    Hi Everyone I am completely new to this. Funnily enough, I dont even own an Alfa. I drive a Fiat Punto. But my dad drives an Alfa 156 and has driven Alfas since the 1970s. I joined this forum to seek some advice. Let me explain My father has spent the last two years looking after my mum who...
  15. should my son buy a 156?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I am a 75 man myself and I've infected my son with the Alfa virus On the condition he drove our smart car for a year, I then insured him on one of the 75s. After 18 months driving the 75 he is now looking at the 156 but all the horror stories are putting me off which is the most reliable and...
  16. Son of a Selespeed

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello, I have scanned the car at my indie's garage and nothing seems to be wrong, yet every morning as i turn the car on , the selespeed system failure goes on for like 10 secs and as soon as i start rolling it stops. any idea if problem is real or if its just loose wires? thx
  17. Son of PG's wedding present for his Dad

    Non Motoring Images
    I just helped my boy take some photographs as a wedding present for his Dad, who is getting married (again :rolleyes: ) next week :) We had a great time setting up the studio and experimenting with different papers before settling on a canvas textured paper. I'm very proud of him :D
  18. My Son's (mummy's) Easter Project.

    Non Motoring Images
    4 hard boiled eggs, Cotton wool, cardboard. paint Straws Makes a Sledge racing scene... :)
  19. mother and son

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    Hi everyone, my son (23) a great self taught mechanic has just bought me an ***** Romeo 156 T spark (Y reg ).It's got a beautiful tan leather interior and drives like a dream. Unfortunately It's already developed an electrical fault and I have no doubt we will be coming to this site for loads of...
  20. Look what owning an Alfa has done to my son.....

    General Alfa Discussion
    As a typical 20 yr old my son likes to stay in bed, play on his X box, sleep, watch tv, snooze etc.....:rolleyes::rolleyes: Since owning his own Alfa he has transformed into an unrecognisable being - even possibly developing obsessional tendencies :wow::wow::wow: Today he washed and waxed his...