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  1. 1st to 2nd gear small jolt -TCT normal?

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi All, I recently bought a guilietta QV 2014/15 with 48000kms. I may be be being really picky/OCD but I’ve noticed overall the gearbox is really smooth through the gears and downshifting etc. however when taking off from the lights (natural mode) shifting from 1st to 2nd gear there is a tidy...
  2. I've got a small one

    Introduce Yourself
    Morning all. Recently picked up my first Alfa, a 2003 147 jtd for the princely sum of £300. So I'll be hanging round the tech section...
  3. Small part remanufacture - any Alfa candidates?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Saw this article on Autocar about a guy who manufactures small parts prone to failure or with expensive replacements from manufacturers.’t Got me thinking about what could be some top sellers for Alfa...
  4. Spotted in small print for car finance

    General Motoring Discussion
    For an Alfa deal from FCA “Vehicles may incur Brexit related tariffs or other charges.”
  5. Couple of small ones!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi all, hope everyone is well, and therefore have quick and easy answers to a couple of question's that I have! a) What size bolt keeps the battery clamp down on a 2003 Spider? Cant seem to find anything in my numerous bottles and drawers that fit!! b) Front anti roll bars links? I have seeen...
  6. Longshot....Need a small part

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    One of the small oval rubber bumpers is missing from my parcel shelf, would anyone have a spare I can buy?! The only one I can find is in Germany and they want £15 postage!
  7. Newb Looking For Small SUV Info

    Introduce Yourself
    Howdy Y'all!!! I'm in the market for a new daily drive compact SUV and I've seen a few of those Àlpha Stevlios around these here parts. Is there any info on a newer model Àlpha yet? Rumor here says it'll be based on the good ol' Jeep Compass. I'm Jim by the way. Jim Greeper. :)
  8. Alfa Romeo Tonale: New Small SUV Launch at Geneva

    General Alfa Discussion
    Launch in Geneva on Tuesday 5th March.
  9. Small oil leak pass mot ?

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Noticed the other day when I had my cup on the ramp that there was oil residue around the bottom. Looks to be the rocker cover has been leaking at some point and has either miraculously fixed its self or is leaking very little. It’s been in the garage for nearly 2 months and I haven’t noticed a...
  10. Small stutter at 3.000 rpm

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi everyone, I've been looking through the forum, but couldn't really find what i am looking for. I just got my first Alfa a little over a month ago - absolutely love it! But i have noticed a small stutter or misfire - it only occurs at full throttle, and only at 3.000 rpm, but not every time...
  11. Small knocking when I press the gas pedal (16V 2.0)

    Alfa 155
    Hey all. I just got the car yesterday from my mechanic, a full rebuild of the engine and I'm in the period of braking it in, so nothing above 3000rpm and I'm driving it as a daily in the city, so I try not to keep constant RPMs, like I read online. Now because I had a crankshaft failure before...
  12. Small irritation

    Alfa Giulia
    Drove the car for the first time in 2 months last week. So having remembered where the release handle for the hood is and not wanting to mess around with checking the oil via the infotainment screen, went to do it in the way that has worked since I began driving, via the dipstick. After a...
  13. Small Request

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Evening all, I'm just wondering if anybody has a photograph of the front wheel arch of a 156, with everything attached. I've removed all of the suspension some time ago, and now ready to re-install. I'm after a photograph to assist with the correct routing of the ABS sensor wiring, brake hoses...
  14. got me a 2003 Alfa 147 1.6TS and wanna fix a LOT of small bits

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Greetings everyone! I just bought me a second-hand alfa and i love it... but being someone that's worked with cars all my life (but have moved to Bulgaria and have no garage or tools here yet) i'm itching to fix a few things, big and small.. and your feedback would be nice Heavy clunk from the...
  15. Was the 4C too small for the US market?

    General Alfa Discussion
    I just bought the official Ford Performance GT scale model. Parked next to the official Alfa 4C model it looks a bit bigger! Except the width..
  16. Is that ok to have sometimes the small triangle icon signs?

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hello everybody, I wanna thank everyone who participated in my previous problem with the rear doors. Now, sometimes when I am driving I realize a small triangle icon is on. What can I do? (see below)
  17. FCA Global Small Engine and 2017 Fiat Uno

    General Motoring Discussion
    Finally we have a car which will debut all new FCA engines which will eventually substitute FIRE and TwinAir engines. It's a Brazilian 2017 Fiat Uno. From press release: Símbolo de inovação, o Uno foi escolhido para estrear globalmente a nova linha de motores com versões 1.0 três cilindros e...
  18. Stick on / Small number plates

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    So guys/gals.. I have a 5 letter/number reg plate and im considering buying a stick on plate or just getting a minimum size plate made up. Has anyone done this and could you provide pictures of where you have put them? If I go for the small plate I will need to source the smaller backing if I...
  19. Small dent/scratch repair?

    Alfa MiTo
    I had my car parked at the shopping centre and someone must have hit their door on my car. It just a really small dent but there is a scuff as well.. i tried polish but i can still see the small dent and some of the paint is ''missing'' . How much will it cost to repair? Any recommendations...
  20. Seeking: Small rear seat ventilator part

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hello everyone, this is my first post. I'm Kasper from Denmark and been reading along for some months now. My Giulietta's rear seat air ventilation is missing this part: Attached. I was hoping that someone would have this part, and would sell it to me. Alfa is only selling the complete...