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    Wont say too much, I know people here subscribe... Few pages for the 8c spider and Richard porter rants about the current range. W$nk&r that he is. :cry: and Quick mention of a 156 GTA, that is at Autolusso. (i think)
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    Page 76 of this weeks edition on the feature title 'Britains Best Handling Cars' ! They've got a V6 Q4 don't like the: styling :confused: :confused: :rant: handling :eek: or the engine noise !! :eek:
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    One thing that amuses the hell out of me is the perception that all Alfa fans are blind to the marques faults and that 'only' a non Alfa fan can give a fair assessment of Alfa Romeo. The most recent shining example of this came in yesterday's Autocar, when car 'guru' Steven Sutcliffe claimed to...