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  1. Alfa 155
    Hi guys, I'm considering a set of 16x7.5 wheels for my early Skinny 2.0 8V 155, and I'm worried that 7.5 will be too wide and have rubbing issues. I don't know the offset yet I need to ask the seller., but before I waste his time does anybody have experience with such wide wheels on a skinny...
  2. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    After being nearly stranded in N. Yorkshire on a weekend and unable to find a replacement for a shredded tyre, I am wary of thought of travelling to south of France this month -again on a weekend - without a substitute for the skinny tyre. It seems steel wheels are only made in 16 inch - any...
  3. Alfa 155
    my motor almost done up the rear
  4. Alfa 155
    Failed it's MoT on Friday, an over jealous MoT tester out to spite me, we have a history. It is on the for sale forum aswell. I bought it a month ago from Aberdeen, I was told it only needed welding done, had all that done & knowing it would fail it's MoT I put it in anyway to find the other...
  5. Alfa 155
    hello, i just bought the obd cables and alfadiag to try and download the fail codes from my 93 2.0 8v skinny. the car has a motronic m1.7 ecu but this does not appear in the options in alfadiag?? is there other software available to test that type of ecu? any help would be appreciated.
  6. Alfa 155
    Hi there, The g/box on my 95200TS has all smashed up. Gear tooth broke off. Can I fit a gearbox from either a later widey 155 or even from a 156? Does anybody know please. I do have access to a 156 TS 2000 manual 5 speed box.:confused: Ciao.
  7. Alfa 155
    Or both if available? Prefer with black unpaint covers like all skinny 155s have but will take any colour if no black ones available. PM me with Price/postage to Liverpool :) Neil
  8. Alfa 155
    hi guys, I'm searching for a front left mudshield for my '93 skinny 155. Does anyone have any idea if one from a widebody would fit?....(or at least may be modified to fit)
  9. Alfa 155
    hey guys i'm not a 155 owner - yet! but i have my eye on purchasing one. unfortunately, it is interstate to me (i live in australia), which means a plane flight to go and inspect it. but the upshot is that there is some 'slop'/play in the steering that the owner's mechanic has discovered. on...
  10. Alfa 155 trawling through the classifieds there was a...
  11. Alfa GTA
    Guys, When I purchased my 156 I was put off by the long springy aerial as I thought it looked unsightly, they replaced it will the small stubby variant albeit leaving me with [email protected] radio reception. Are the stubby's available on the GT's ? the reception as bad on the GT with the smaller...
  12. Alfa 155
    Locally advertised skinny non runner has cropped up again, I was wondering what is compatible with my widebody? I need mirrors, internal odd bits of trim which is OK but I have no use for 14 inch alloys, bumpers etc. I could stick all the lights in the loft but the main thing is the rear...
  13. General Alfa Discussion
    There has been much debate about these so what you all prefer......skinny or wide?, never having driven a skinny I cant comment, but for those who can....... Speak up......
  14. Alfa 155
    Hi Guys, The answer to my question may well be on the site somewhere, but I couldn't find it ... I have a 1994 skinny 2.0TS which I actually like the styling of, but I am interested in the handling improvements of the wide-body setup. Does anyone here know for certain exactly what is...
  15. Alfa 155
    At the risk of sounding completely ignorant i'm going to ask how to define a widebody from a skinny.How do you tell the difference???? :confused: :o :o Also how many of the v6 models are likely to be left in uk. I'm led to believe there was about 380 registered in uk but how many are left and...
  16. Alfa 155
    I have a 155 1.6 1997 wide body (yes 1.6! I know you all have a bigger one than me). i have just picked up a very cheap 1993 1.7. Should most parts fit?? Any ideas? If not the alloys new tyres and seats were cheap for what I paid but if I can use more parts all the better. Thanks for any help.
  17. Alfa 155
    I never really realized that the pre '95 and the post '95 series were different , i thought there was just slight aesthetic differences ... but regarding to what i can read here it seems that there's also technical differences : what are they ??? :confused:
  18. General Alfa Discussion
    Hello gang! Does anyone know if there are any significant differences other than bodywork panels and interior trim between skinny Sport '92 & '93 Q4s and widebody Sport '95 Q4s? Somehow I just don't see alfa spending a tonne of money to increase the track and change other mechanical components...
  19. General Alfa Discussion
    Hello again :) As i´m thinking of purchasing a 155 Q4 in the near future (read: 2-3 years), i need the info how to recognise between the newer and older models. I read already sth about it but i don´t understand everything. A picture of both would be very nice. Oh, and what year is this...
1-20 of 20 Results