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  1. My web site with ever-growing pics/video clips

    Motoring Images
    Having established my own web site, I recently started putting some pictures of my 147 on it and a couple of short video clips too. ...and then I started tuning the Red Pepper up... So naturally, more pictures and videos were called for. And on 22/May/2002, I took the Red Pepper on a racing...
  2. Excellent Spider site!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    This is a really good site dedicated to Spiders but with other Alfa related stuff including some sketches of a GTV concept and an Alfa off roader!
  3. My Site

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hello all, I've just started my own little site for pics of my car etc. It's still under development, so is pretty limited at the moment. I hope to have a page of pics from the upcoming Scottish meet and will also put pics of other peoples cars aswell if they want (to be sorted yet). Visit...
  4. Site Down Time

    General Alfa Discussion
    The site was brought down today to install java applets to our site. We are back for the duration. The forum will be down for 30 mins today whilst the new server takes control of this board. This downtime is phase 3 out of 4. BTW - we have a few little bugs but the shop is online...Visit our shop
  5. New Sprint Site

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    I have made a new website for Sprints. It is just getting started so don't be to harsh on it just yet. The aim was to bring all the useful links that I have collected together in one place. Oh and here is the address: Simon Holywell
  6. great site for spider/gtv add-ons

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    try this site ......'ll make you drool!
  7. Updated Site

    General Alfa Discussion
    Chaps, it looks great! Well done! The site just gets better looking all the time; it's a credit to your efforts and I for one appreciate the constant improvements. Thanks and big cheers, G
  8. site for downloading factory manuals for 33

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint this is a slow site but there are the original fishes or what ever they call them and also some other manual for the 33