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  1. Alfa oem showroom sports wagon car car for sale

    Alfa GTA
    Hi guys, I have a genuine Alfa Romeo sports wagon car cover for sale as I now have a gtv. It’s for a 159sw but I bought it for a gta sw as assume it’s the same/similar size. It’s gorgeous, red with the Alfa logo on, comes with the proper Alfa Romeo bag with white writing on the side, only been...
  2. The opening of a "new" Alfa showroom

    General Alfa Discussion
    These are protos were taken by local photographer Adrian Rushton when Alfa opened a new showroom in Colchester in September 1982. The celebrity is Lewis Collins (Bodie in the Professionals)
  3. New showroom in Dartford, Kent

    Alfa Giulia
    Just had an email to say that Ancaster (currently based on a cramped site in Welling) are opening a new brand centre in Dartford (on a site that had a Nissan and Skoda dealerships previously with a different dealer). Hopefully they'll give Alfa a decent showroom and more prominence: "Ancaster...
  4. New showroom floors at Ancaster Alfa Romeo!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Stopped of at ancaster on the way back from work today and there's building work in the showroom . In time for Giulia ?
  5. My visit to the Alfa Romeo showroom in Hong Kong

    Motoring Images
    Hi Everybody, I’m trying to translate here a thread of mine I posted in the Italian forum. Please be indulgent. During a business trip to Hong Kong I used a couple of spare hours to visit the new Alfa Romeo Showroom downtown. Here you are my thoughts. I would start saying that buying a...
  6. Alfa Dubai Showroom - Concept Car

    United Arab Emirates
    Hi, Has anyone been past Alfa Dubai showroom and seen the concept car on display in amongst all the 3.2 159's?
  7. Autodelta Brera J5 back to showroom standard

    General Alfa Discussion
    I'm using Drive 'n' Shine - Professional Car Detailing to get my car's paintwork and engine bay back to what it should be. Bryan Donnelly comes very highly recommended and I've asked him to document what he does so I can share it. I'm using him for the "Repair & Protect" service. He's on...
  8. new alfa romeo showroom opening soon

    South East
    just to let you guys no that a new alfa romeo showroom opening soon in walton on thames next door to aston martin showroom has any one got any news on it ?:)
  9. Showroom discounts

    Alfa MiTo
    I just passed my test today, and am going to purchase my mito in the next few days. What discounts have people received on showroom cars? im looking at the 1.4 95bhp veloce. what price should i be aiming at and what discounts have people received. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated...
  10. MiTo in Cardiff showroom

    Wales South
    Anyone been to see the MiTo at Dutton Forshaw in Cardiff? I went at lunchtime (whilst going to get a replacement number plate light bulb) - it looks very very nice in the flesh. The left-hand drive example they have in is in black with decent 17" wheels. It even looks good from the front! I will...
  11. How to shift big V8s from the showroom

    General Motoring Discussion
    One of the Alfa dealers here in Berlin also has the dealerships for Fiat, Lancia, Abarth, Hummer, Volvo, Ford, Nissan and Cadillac in the same, huge building. When I was there recently, I noticed the Cadillac XLR still sitting there - it must have been on display for about 18 months now. The...
  12. ES Jones will be having a Mito in the showroom soon

    Wales North
    Just thought I'd let you know if you were interested in having a look - popped into ES Jones, Dobshill, today. They were putting up the snazzy display in readiness for a LHD Mito - said it *should* be in on Saturday:thumbs: I shall be going for a look next week, although they have a Brera in...
  13. Has anyone seen Mito in UK showroom?

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi was expecting word for my local dealer Deisra in southgate as to when they would have Mito in showroom , vague mentions of october had been voiced.Has anyone seen them in Uk Dealers yet? On another matter i woulld dearly like to see an image of the Mito in the blue if anyone has one?
  14. Some MiTo's pics from showroom

    Alfa MiTo
    It's the top model "Sport" almost with everything :lol:
  15. In showroom at the end of the month.

    Alfa MiTo
    French salesguy says they'll have a couple by the end of the month.
  16. alfa showroom in cardiff

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi Every one if you're interested in new or nearly new alfa's i'm the sales man in dutton forshaw.
  17. car showroom vacant

    General Alfa Discussion
    Was driving downing Sefton Street in Liverpool today and noticed the Rybrook Volvo dealership had ceased business-they only refurbished the showroom last year.So,there is a nice shiny and clean showroom going begging at the moment in a prime location 50 yards away from a Fiat dealership.How...
  18. New Showroom Open in Nottingham

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi All Not sure whether this has already been posted - but only just seen it myself. New showroom just opened in Basford, Nottingham hopefully it'll be a good one and mean no need to use sunwin!
  19. Car Showroom or Car Auction

    Poll Room
    where would you rather buy a car from ...:D
  20. Nice showroom

    General Motoring Discussion
    Nice showroom