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    Was driving down the road today, with a Celica GT4 in front of me, and a Ferrari 328GTB in front of that. Glanced to the side to see a man at the side of the road ... watching MY car drive past :D I know it's sad, but some things just give you a good feeling.
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    Gave Beatrice a good old clean today and just had to let you guys share my view. Steve
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    i have been collecting the shell optimax cards, but have not found a match yet. would anyone be interested in sharing the value of a car, if our cards could make a match ? i am looking for the following cards: cars: audi tt,bmw z4,bmw m3, tyres for: bmw x5, clk, slk, crossfire
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    but i'm having to lose a lotta weight to be able to drive it!! 45bhp :D
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    Hi guys! Ant and I wanted to share our Sunday... We went to the Centro Español (Spanish Club) with some friends. We spent the whole day there, and we had a great time. Hope you like the pics! - Andrea y Antonio Now... guess Ant´s sister... Cheers!