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  1. Hi! :)

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone, since back in '06 i have been in love with the 159. From those bonnet lines to the mesmerizing front headlights and the curvy backside it is the best looking saloon going surely? The inside with the classy leather sets and the quirky looking dash what is there not to love by...
  2. First alfa - Sexy Gunmetal on RED leather 159 Sportwagon #truelove

    Introduce Yourself
    hey guys! I picked up my first alfa and i'm in LOOOVE :D it is a stunning 'gunmetal' grey on red leather 1.9jtdm sportwagon. only 120hp but nobody is perfect I think I got a good deal on the price too - time will tell! Talk about style and comfort and sport - loovving it :) so...
  3. sexy girl from admin

    Rant Room
    Got another warning today and post deleted seems that some don't like the truth. And take that someone's opinion really matters about their car... Mentioning no names see how long this thread lasts before it get's removed... Here is the sexy admin ladie.. Actually don't think i can post her photo
  4. Some Sexy Alfa Models

    South Africa
    Hi recieved in my inbox thought i should share!
  5. She's a Sexy G!!

    Alfa Giulietta
    Well She arrived last week and as promised. Here are some pictures
  6. I love her, she is classy and sexy. Her name is Brera...

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hello All, first of all thank you for posting here your experience and emotions about the Alfa world. It is really invaluable info to rely on. Great web site and great people. Thanks. Said that, I am considering getting a lovely Brera. She is simply stunning. However it looks like there are...
  7. A 06 Brera with a sexy but deaf Italian

    ICE & Blue&Me
    Hi , I just became the very proud owner of a Brera and I'm trying to figure out the ICE capabilities, so far I've found out I have a pre blue&me Bluetooth system running on WinCE , no media capabilities , and voice control. I have the 939CD radio. The lady speaks in Italian and she seems...
  8. Look At my sexy new wheels!

    Alfa MiTo
    Check out these bad boys! I know they are only a factory option and a little common but I got them off Ebay this week a steal (quite probably) at £585 including the pirreli tyres But I am so happy with them I had to shout about it Oh yeah my old Lusso wheels are now for sale have a look in...
  9. Alfa Gt

    Alfa Gt

    my Alfa Romeo GT
  10. Alfa Gt

    Alfa Gt

    my Alfa Romeo GT
  11. Alfa Gt

    Alfa Gt

    my Alfa Romeo GT
  12. Alfa Gt

    Alfa Gt

    my Alfa Romeo GT
  13. She's a sexy mutha . . . .

    Motoring Images
    Couldn't resist a couple of pics after I had washed and given her a quick clean. Quite chuffed with my repaint on the wheels too. Hope you enjoy (though nowhere near the standard of Frasers pics - and my image editing skills are non-existant :tut:) Anyway - as good as I can do while full of wine...
  14. Sexy !! - 1969 ferrari dino replica 246 gt

    General Alfa Discussion
    The dashboard on the Ferrari replica has to be the Sexiest Dashboard Ive ever seen !! No joke. What else would you want from such a beautiful car. It has the 1960s grandpa sideboard radio walnut wireless look. It is guranteed to seduce any woman ! :lol::lol::lol::cheese::cheese::cheese::cheese...
  15. Alfa is SEXy... ;)

    South Africa
    Stumbled upon this vid... Be proud you drive an Alfa!! :D YouTube - Catherine Zeta Jones - Commercial Alfa Romeo
  16. Do you prefer sexy ...

    Poll Room
    ...curvy cars or angular designs :confused: I'm a curve lover myself ;) :)
  17. sexy black carbon gear knob

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I was browsing through the italiazakka website when came across this gear knob. I've always had a soft spot for carbon :p BLACK Gear Knob (reverselock/Carbon/Black/black line/Alfa Logo) : Italia Jidosha Zakkaten
  18. check out my sexy mito!!!

    Alfa MiTo
    just got my new mito a few days ago and look at it........ i saw these alloys on the mito gta and i had to get them What Do You Guys Think?
  19. Sexy Cars & the City

    Motoring Images
    had a AONW meet tonight down at Dukes 92 bar in Castelfield in town, warm sunny summers evening, packed out terrace at the pub - but sadly no pics of the staggering amount of 'scenery' :lol: luckily we nipped round the corner, under the arches for some piccies of Alfas... l-r: HM's GT...
  20. Sexy Cars & the City - the summer edition

    North West
    Well I suppose it's about time I extracted my thumb from my back passage and organised a meet :D Just before Christmas we had a good little do at Dukes 92 bar in Castlefield, Manchester city centre. I was there after work on a nice sunny evening the other day, it was great - the terrace is a...