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  1. Mobile phone setting off Alarm?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    My 156 alarm started randomly going off today. All windows and doors were shut as will the boot. I unlocked it, checked it all was good. Re-locked it and it went off again 2 minutes later. When I checked again I had left my mobile in there, could that set it off? Since I have taken it out...
  2. Setting up Coilovers?

    Alfa GTA
    I've just ordered a set of Zeatek Z9 Coilovers and some 12mm spacers for my GTA :D Is there anything i need to know or anything i should be telling my mechanic when they install?
  3. How to change the "User" equalizer setting on the radio

    Alfa Giulietta
    How do I change the "user" equalizer setting in my Giulietta? user implies I should be able to change it but I don't know how... rock, jazz, classic don't cut it, and the current setting on user is just weird.
  4. Setting up brera head unit

    ICE & Blue&Me
    Hi Folks I saw a thread on here (but can't find it now) about how to set the equilizer on the standard brera/159 head unit,it has the usual jazz, rock etc but also has user preset,the lost thread gave frequencies for setting it up. My question is how do i set it i've looked in the manual and...
  5. Rear Koni Sport Setting

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    I have 4 Koni Sports all round and thinking about softening the rears. Currently I have 18 wheels OEM Springs and rear Konis on 50% setting. I am thinking of putting them on the 25% Setting or even the 0% Softest Setting. Im basically tired of the hard ride although I love the performance of...
  6. Thinking of setting up a mobile Alloy Wheel and Smart Repair business

    General Motoring Discussion
    Hi all, As the title suggests, I'm thinking of branching out and setting up a mobile service refurbishing alloy wheels and general smart repair. Early days yet, but seeing the number of threads on here about alloy wheel refurbs and parking scrapes, I wondered how many users on here would use...
  7. Soon to be GT owner, deposit paid but nerves setting in.

    General Alfa Discussion
    Ok, long story short, being a current Audi A2 owner which has served me brilliantly and very dependable. While not really looking to change I recently spotted and fell in love with a GT:cool: Took it for a test run on Saturday and after doing so laid down a small depost(£200) and will be doing...
  8. Setting up adjustable suspension

    Alfa GTA
    Hi guys, I'm the new proud owner of JamieR27's former Rosso 147 GTA with 19s and Intrax suspension. I came to GTA ownership by way of my last motor, a VX220 Turbo tweaked to around 225bhp/270lb torque, so slightly different driving experience! Had a great journey to pick the 147 up from...
  9. 156 heater airflow issue (?)

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    On my recently bought 2000 Alfa Romeo 156, I noticed that I the cooling vents in the back is spewing out alot of air from the cabin cooling/heating unit. Is air supposed to flow out of this vent, at any setting on the dashboard?? Also, I cannot close one of them since one is missing one of...
  10. Help setting up the auto drop microswitch - mine just wont set

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Im totally confused... Easily done perhaps... But Ive followed the manual and i've set the window stops, but setting up the auto drop microswitch just doesn't seem to be working for me at all... This is the pic the manual shows: And pkr in his fantastic 'retro fitting of auto drop' thread...
  11. Remote locking/alarm not setting

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    The car is a 147 03plate lusso with the 3 button remote,this morning the car won't unlock with the remote,no boot opening,no indicator flash if I try and lock it even though it is locked,went and got the second key and had same result,so had to open the unlock the door on the key get in quick...
  12. Setting up track rod ends.

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Anyone got a guide on how to set the track rod ends, took my car out a few days ago felt great turning in to a left handed bend but vauge/wooly and unsettled turning right, I have replaced the track rod ends 3 months ago but don't think I have wound the near side in enough compared to the off...
  13. Torque Setting for CF3 TS black plastic cam cover

    Engines (TS, JTS, JTD & V6)
    Gents, What's the torque settings for the black plastic cam cover on a CF3 TS ? also is there any tightening down pattern / procedure to follow? Cheers CP :)
  14. setting up b&m

    Alfa Giulietta
    Have just hired a g for a week and thought I could turn on my phones Bluetooth and bobs your uncle. Not a bit of it. Checked manual online about setting it is too short. Is playing music from my smartphone VIA the usb going to be similarly complicated?
  15. setting up b&m

    Alfa Giulietta
    Have just hired a g for a week and thought I could turn on my phones Bluetooth and bobs your uncle. Not a bit of it. Checked manual online about setting it is too short. Is playing music from my smartphone VIA the usb going to be similarly complicated?
  16. 156 Gta 2005 Alarm beeping sound setting

    South Africa
    For some reason my alarm does not sound the usual once or twice beeps when locking or unlocking. My indicators also don't flash, and so does my led for the alarm on the dash. Now I've been trying a few threads from the international forum about this problem, and the procedure seems to be as...
  17. Setting up Iphone 4 to recieve work email

    The Technology Section
    I'm trying to set up my Iphone to recieve my work email. It's on a small business server. I can't work out quite how to do it or more to the point I can't find the server address. Is there a way I can find this and set it up through the normal mail icon or will I have to keep doing it through...
  18. mito setting setup...

    Tuning & Upgrades
    Have a mito 16V 95hp without DNA system as a result the setting is always at normal (I think...) does anybody know if I can somehow adjust the steering wheel weight and the throttle sensitivity via some remap or tune or something??? Help Im desperate.....
  19. wheel torque setting ?

    Alfa GTA
    Hi can anyone help me?, I'm trying to find the torque setting for the teledial alloys on my 147, and also I have broken my locking wheel nut adaptor so what would you say the best way to get these out would be ....?, cheers
  20. Torque setting 2,0 TS

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Hello Does anyone know the torque setting for the big end caps and the main bearing caps on the crankshaft , this is for my 166 2,0 TS . Thank you regards Tacconi