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    Set the scene in as abbreviated fashion as I possibly can. Cambridge Audio NP30 network player through DacMagic and 840A amp, operating wirelessly. In the process of ripping my CD collection and arranging it on my Seagate BlackArmour NAS220 in a - relatively -organised fashion. Ripping simply...
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    Hi all, just wanted to give you a heads up that in about an hour, the site is going to be finished being transferred to a new server. This new data center should be faster and more reliable, which should help speed things up even more for everyone. It should be okay but just wanted to warn you...
  3. The Technology Section
    Help. (if the following means nothing to you, or you want to make a flippant reply, please do so on another thread) I'm trying to get a Fujitsu Primergy TX120S3 up and running with Win SBS2011 Std. I select the OS in ServerView, but when it asks for the DVD, it tells me the version is...
  4. The Technology Section
    The last few days, I am having the above issues when trying to send emails, is this an external problem? TIA :D
  5. The Technology Section
    It's not really a question, but it's not a rant and it's a bit too tech related for WOT :rolleyes: I've almost secured board approval to virtualise our entire environment. Everything we have is ancient, out of warranty and generally clapped out. Here's the problem, they're a bit on the tight...
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    Dear members, We may be taking the server offline in the next 24 hours to add new hardware, please accept our apologies if you cannot get online. :rolleyes: Ian
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    As the title says, the server will need a restart, will be just a few minutes. Regards, Ian
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    At approx 10PM on thursday the 26th February 2009 (Tonight), the brand new AO server is being physically moved fom London to Stretford in Manchester. We anticipate this move will last between 6-7 hours from turn off in London to turn on in Manchester. We are moving to a brand new data centre...
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    Planned downtime on Thursday 9PM to midnight We have some new hardware to try out so fingers crossed that we have helped or even solved the server issues. :thumbs: Regards, Ian
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    We just signed up for a new server and its already been fitted today :) At approx 1:30-2:15pm today we swapped over to our new server, this server will help us power our way forward. We just signed up for another year ahead of the club renewals for the Quad core Intel server with an additional...
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    For the past few hours I couldn't get on the server. Not sure what kind of maintenance was done back a few weeks ago, but in the past year I've been a member, I never once had trouble accessing this site. Since the maintenance, this is the third time I couldn't get on. This message isn't a...
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    Having some small server issues ATM, please bear with us
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    Anybody else find the server very slow? All day today it's taken the pages 2mins to load, and I'm on a WAN. All other websites are OK.
  14. General Alfa Discussion
    Alfa Owner Tried to access site early hours and this morning and the server has asked for a username and password??? Anyone else had this happen? Can someone explain please MAK 164 Super 100% FREE OF BMW PARTS