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  1. SOUTHEND SEA FRONT gtv/spider 916

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    DRIVING DOWN SOUTHEND SEA FRONT LAST SUNDAY 14TH OCT. saw a nice looking gtv reg was xx gtv in silver was it you?
  2. Nav has me all at sea

    Alfa 164 & 166
    I managed to get the Navtec to start up and show on the screen of my 3.0 year 2000 166. I went to current location and the screen was blue, I zoomed out and I found I was not in fact in North Wales but just off the coast of Holland. This really does not help when planning a route or help in...
  3. 15ft Sea Kayak on a GT (23kg)

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi, I'm about to buy a GT, but it needs to take that Kayak - has anyone had any experience trying to do this - some of the soft racks claim to hold up to 45kg at high speeds.....
  4. Winter Sun from Porthcawl sea front

    Non Motoring Images
    took these last week just as light fading, was trying out new used camera a Lumix FZ7 nice camera. Hope you like pics more to come over next few weeks.:D
  5. The Gower run and lunch by the sea

    Wales South
    ok peeps, Ali has planned a run to the gower for us, deputy number two has done a fab job too....see below,:cool: Well some of us have been on convoys to Brecon, Newport, Bristol, Worcestershire, but now it's the Gower Peninsula's turn to welcome a whole bunch of Alfa Romeos. The suggested...
  6. Stuck at Sea while the wife has fun with our first!!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello! After months of searching for a car for our little family, that would give us the space we needed but still able to put a smile on our faces when driving...we found the perfect motor!! An Alfa 156 1.8 TSpark in Cosmos Blue on a W plate, one owner from new! Since me and the wife have been...
  7. In a sea of gloom and despair

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Wife bought a 147 used Selespeed 3 years ago. The missus knows less than me about cars, and I know nothing. But when she got in...well yknow that red glow reflecting off the chrome door plates?? That sloping bonnet and the Alfa badge? After a brief round the block, she signed up for crippling...
  8. Sea Eagle

    Non Motoring Images
  9. Any south coast sea anglers on here?

    South Central
    I am quite a keen sea angler and haven't been out on a boat for a few years. I was wondering if anyone goes out on wrecking and general sea fishing trips. If they have a spare place or two me and a friend would be quite keen to come along. Cheers, Simon.
  10. Snow by the sea.

    Non Motoring Images
    Snowy pics from last week, round my way in Saltburn-by-the-sea which is near Middlesbrough (north east). I absolutely love it when the weathers like that. :D
  11. 156 GTA on north sea ferries

    Alfa GTA
    Hi Guys, may be a silly question but has anyone been troubled by ground clearance on a 156 GTA going on and off North Sea Ferries. Last few years used my GTV6 and okay, but the 156 looks pretty low especially for the internal ramps on the different levels on the Ferries? thanks
  12. FAO Pea Sea

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Your cheap(ish) MAF is here. :thumbs: The tube is designed to fit Twin Spark intakes but the sensor is identical, so you just swap the sensors over after you've taken the annoying security screws out of the tubes. Absolute bargain compared to this. :D
  13. an oyster in a sea of fish-bits

    General Alfa Discussion
    I'm assuming as a proud alfa owner/admirer that you are a person of impeccable taste? Good. Then read on... (hopefully it'll help explain my surreal title!) I was gazing absent-mindedly out of the window today, as you do, day-dreaming about the 159 TI that I'm hoping to order in the next month...
  14. Last weekend at Jamberoo Mountain and Sea Cliff Bridge

    Motoring Images
    OK, it's not quite the Stelvio pass, but last weekend we took the 159 down to the NSW South Coast. Fitzroy Falls, Kangaroo Valley, Cambewarra Mountain, Jamberoo Mountain, the Sea Cliff Bridge and Macquarie Pass. Some wonderful driving roads, and opportunities to give V8 Holdens a surprise on the...
  15. A Morning by the Sea

    Motoring Images
    Went for my first surf of '09 today. A bright clear and sunny day here on the Isle of Wight :cool: Here is the car parked at Compton Farm. Windows and Doors locked incase NWA come knocking. This is a fairly secret spot that not many people know about, sadly it was pretty flat today: This...
  16. 147 GTA in East Sea of Korea

    Motoring Images
    I went to trip to East Sea side of Korea. It was rainy and snowy, but it was all good though. How does Alfa look in the country side of East Asia?
  17. A Day at the Sea Side

    Motoring Images
    A little Seaside town near me :) The light was brilliant and I love Deco Buildings and this is one of me faves :cool: Got a few arty shots in as well Enjoy
  18. Sea Bird Of The Day

    Motoring Images
    The Pied Oyster Catcher. :cool:
  19. My 156 800 feet above sea level

    Motoring Images
    Just cleaned my 156, and fitted some new grill trimmers, and blacked out the chrome bars either side of the grill. Couldn't help a quick run to the other end of the villlage for a photo or two. front on.JPG 156 wf.jpg side wf.JPG wind farm.JPG
  20. Gtv on Falmouth sea front

    Motoring Images
    Adrian Flux wanted some photos of the car for the agreed value policy, so I decided to give her a flick over and get some photos taken - got a few more than they need! Got the new exhaust and side repeaters on there, pretty pleased now i've got used to them. Funny really but every time I add...