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    No desktop will be complete without this:inlove: Alfa Romeo Screensaver And it even shows you a clock in the bottom left corner while your watching the shots, which is a two double edged sword. Good for checking the time,bad for reminding me how long I've been staring at it for :tut:
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    The flash file has been converted into a screen saver now for your PC. There are two files, one for the fast personal computers amongst our members. And one for the other personal computers. Right click here if you want to install the screen saver for a fast PC Right click here if you want to...
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    Get it from here! :thumbs: Cloverleaf - the Alfa Romeo Membership Club
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    Has anyone any idea where I can locate the screensaver that drew a a 156 an reverted back to a pic of 156. Ihave lost it due to laptop change.
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    .. absolutely a must have. Screenresolution 1024 x 768, click here (1.38 Mb). Screenresolution 1280 x 768, click here (1.51 Mb).