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  1. Strange scratches / Break in attempt?

    Alfa Stelvio
    What do you think has caused these scratches? 1. Just an accident like something has got wedged between the two surfaces.. 2. An attempted break in of the boot.. So recently I have been polishing this car and in and out the boot quite regularly so you kind of get to know every inch of the car...
  2. Steering wheel scratches

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hello alfisti! I am being really annoyed by the scratches on the plastic bits of my G's steering wheel, seems like the paint is pretty old and some of it is missing (sorry for not having a picture at the moment to express my concerns better). The car is 2010 with the old model of steering wheel...
  3. Weird scratches 156 SW

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi there, I've noticed on my today wheels change, that I got weird small scratches on both side of car in rear section of fenders?wheel archs? dunno how to properly call it, in same spot. I wonder did any of you had same? I have no idea where it come from. I was running till today on 14 arms...
  4. Any way to buff out scratches in the central instrument cluster screen?

    Alfa Giulia
    A few days ago I noticed a fair bit of dust accumulation in and around the central instrument cluster and dials. I wanted to give it a clean so took (what I thought was) a clean cloth and gave it a wipe down. I can now see a lot of very fine scratches and swirls, particularly in the central...
  5. GT Side Window Scratches

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    My GT has lots of light scratches on the drivers side window and also a few on the passenger side. I've cleaned the window rubbers but it still seems to be getting worse.... Im wondering whether I need to take the door card off to investigate further! Has anyone else experienced this? Is it...
  6. Light scratches and swirls on uconnect

    Alfa Giulietta
    First off, apologies if this topic has already been discussed but I took a look and it doesn't seem this issue was discussed beforehand. Polished surfaces are nice to look at, but a nightmare to clean and upkeep. They seem to get all scratched even just by gently rubbing a piece of cloth...
  7. Removing headlight scratches?

    Alfa Giulietta
    This Sunday i gave the car a good clean, polish etc. But i noticed i have some scratches on my drivers headlight, no idea how its happened I can feel them with my nail and wondering how i can remove them?. Cheers.
  8. has anyone ever polished the scratches out of a 156 door handle?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    My drivers door handle is badly marked, but before I take to it with a buffing wheel, has anyone else tried this? My worry id the surface finish is plated and I will buff through it. Ideally the door handles are solid alloy and will polish up nicely, but I would like more info before i start.
  9. Best way to polish out feint scratches and marks to my silver paintwork

    Car Detailing
    Hi So as the title says I'm looking for the best products and methods for dealing with superficial marks and scratches to the silver body of my GTV. It's not something I've bothered with much on past cars but I want to make an effort with this one. I'm wary of using T cut because I've heard...
  10. Disguising or Removing Scratches

    Car Detailing
    My black 159 TI has light scratching in various places, the bonnet being the worst part. I just bought the car quite recently and figured I would get them machine polished out. When arriving at garage to have that done I was advised against it. They said it had been done previously and they...
  11. Have car scratches, want to polish & wax it. What products should I use?

    Car Detailing
    My car has gotten pretty scratched up. I may have an enemy scratching my car when I'm not looking, or, more realistically, it's caused by the branches and rocks flying all over the place, since I pop to the countryside a few times a month. I have never done anything of the sort. I have never...
  12. Removing scratches from side window

    Car Detailing
    Troops, I may have imagined this, but am I right in thinking that there is a product that can take light scratches out of glass? I noticed today there are some marks on the inside of the passenger's side window so I wonder whether in the past, some Doris scuffed it with a ring or something...
  13. Scratches

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi All In the grand scheme of things this is minor (but to Alfa drivers HUGE).. I have a 1.4 Mito with a black roof.. I have noticed there are a few scratches on the roof, any ideas how I can get them out?. Thanks K
  14. Scratches in paint

    Car Detailing
    or could someone give me a name of wax , or something similar to remove minor scratches on the paint ?
  15. Tips for removing scratches from speedo cover

    Car Detailing
    Some heavy handed idiot at my local alfa garage has caused some scratches to my speedo cover, barely noticeable until the sun hits it the wrong way then it looks awful. Can anyone recommend a way to get these scratches out to recondition the cover? NB the scratches are fairly light.
  16. Polishing out scratches

    Car Detailing
    Keep looking at the paintwork and it keeps getting me wound up!!! I know my car is 10 years old, but she can look better than she does I'm sure, but what's my options? I've never used t cut in my life, does it really work? Someone also mentioned to me g3 whatever that is? I've only got one...
  17. removal of fingernail scratches from vinyl window

    Introduce Yourself
    :confused: For my 2.0 litre Spider Twin-Spark with soft-top and an apparently vinyl rear window, I tried to remove bends in it when the roof was collapsed with my fingers. This has left scratches. I want to clear them away. I have used Novus scratch remover with no success. What other...
  18. Etna black scratches

    Car Detailing
    I've got a few minor scratches on my etna black mito, nothing serious, look like a couple of handbags in car park kinda scratches. Anyone got any good tips to remove them on etna black? I've got some T-cut kicking about that worked great on my previous silver car but I'm a bit worried using it...
  19. Instrument cluster scratches

    Car Detailing
    Anybody got any ideas or have suggestions for getting rid of scratches on the clear plastic that covers the instrument cluster. :thumbs:
  20. Fascia scratches

    Car Detailing
    Any suggestions for what I should use to touch up a few scratches on my Spider fascia? They are small scratches in the black/dark grey brushed aluminium around the key slot where the previous owner has let his keys swing around and cause the bright metal to show through. Only small but a bit...