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  1. New Alfa 159 owner......goodbye Scooby!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi All....JUST bought a 59 plate very low miles, 159 TI of course! First diesel. Selling my fourth Subaru Sti....Spec D. Love the cars, but really tired of 18 to 22 mpg. Also, 159 is SOOOO much prettier! Had a concours ready 1967 Alfa GTV many years ago (very old fart)....and loved...
  2. Abarth 500 'SS' vs Scooby Wagon

    South Africa
    I had a nice TLGP with some scooby wagon.. I dont know Subaru's at all.. All I know it's a 2.5 TX (or XT)... I came around a corner and this scooby turned into the same street.. We were neck and neck and he belted it.. I gave it all too.. We were neck and neck when we had to stop. Next set of...
  3. Sick 3.2 GT - sounds like a flat 4 Scooby

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Joining the M40 from the A46. Fourth gear up to 80, MCSF warning & beeping that only stops at idle or off throttle cruising:( Sounds rough, lack power and is not pulling smoothly:eek: Any ideas? Could be the last straw for it:cry: Cheers,
  4. Poorly 147 Sounds Like a Scooby

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi all I have a 53 plate 1.6TS 147 with 86k on the clock.. I've been having a few probs with the engine over the last couple of months or so.. Firstly, I know I need the variator changing as it's got the diesel sound at start up, I'm not too worried about this as I had this problem 50k ago and...
  5. scooby 30 - 70 times

    General Motoring Discussion
    Idly curious Had a scooby climbing in the boot this afternoon, but when we got to clear road he couldn't or didn't want to keep up. I know the GTV turbo's have good 30 -70 times but wasn't expecting what I saw - adios muchachos pretty much, so I was curious to know what they do. Cheers Bryan
  6. Had a little dice with a Scooby last night

    Alfa GTA
    It was an older model Subaru Impreza turbo (2000/2001 model?). Got beside him and we were pretty evenly matched. I was just starting to edge ahead by the tiniest margin but surprised how even the two of us were.
  7. Black scooby and silver 3 series M40 Oxford area

    General Alfa Discussion
    As per title, was coming back from Manchester the other day and there was a black scooby wrx and a silver 4 door 3 series parked up on the hard shoulder having just nicked some speeding motorists. This was between Banbury and Oxford and these cars have no obvious markings, extra aerials or...
  8. Any Scooby Doo owners?

    General Motoring Discussion
    Hallo Forum of Knowledgeable Ones, The bird needs to a get a car in for July time. Criteria is that... It needs to be Auto (she has a Canadian licence so can only get a freebie auto one here) Pretty good on fuel Not bad on the motorways (45mins each way a day) And not too tinny! So far...
  9. Playing with a Scooby - the joy of an understated car!

    Alfa GTA
    I had a rare pass last night, out for dinner with a friend I used to work with. On the way back I was making reasonable progress with barely any other cars on the road, and became dimly aware of a car well ahead, on an sweeping A-road, that I wasn't catching as quickly as usual. A big S-bend...
  10. Richard Burns LTD edition Scooby

    General Motoring Discussion
    The RB320, 0-60 in 4.8. 0-100 in 12.2secs £30k on the road, all proceeds to the richard burns charity. All in black but has the inclusion within the spec of having a numbered black alloy tax disc holder???? Where did that little nugget come from...
  11. 156 JTS v Scooby Impreza "ugly" Estate

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi. Driving from Solihull today (as per everyday), following the above motor. I was "having a look" considering passing him and this Micra he was behind when all of a sudden - hyperspace:cool: Despite wringing every last drop out of the JTS he was gone. Not wishing to get into the speeding...
  12. Scooby

    General Motoring Discussion
    My mad mate Mick's (From PDXTuning) mental scooby estate. Screwed the launch, but clawed it back. 12 second 1/4 mile at 117 MPH :lol: :cheese:
  13. Scooby's vs Alfas

    General Alfa Discussion
    Why do Scooby drivers think alfas are ugly??? Seriously? do they actually think that scooby's are good looking cars???? :mad: :mad: Makes me mad. I'm thinking now of getting a scooby... i know its damn effing ugly.... but i want some performance for the next few years till i grow up a bit...
  14. friends scooby

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    read previous thread my other friend got his car on friday. (subaru STI WRX) and i have to say its a monster. The interior though looks like it came from fisher price and its dripping in real authentic plastic effect plastic. nothing to get excited about there. Turn the key and all hell...
  15. First Post! From Scooby to Alfa.

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi All, Another bbs for me to learn. I'm an active member of the scoobynet bbs with over 1300 posts. I posted a topic on scoobynet regarding the 156 selespeed, someone directed me to this bbs and here I am. I used to run an Impreza Turbo Series McRae but found it to hard for my wife who...