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  1. = SCAM?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello everyone, I wanted to share a quick story to keep everyone informed. I tried to buy some new coilovers for my GT through europerformance dot co dot uk. They have very good reviews (on their own website) I paid them the money, got the email order confirmation and waited... No...
  2. Yet another scam

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Be careful, this looks like being another scam - if you follow the other items for sale by this seller then you get the inevitable list of cars,bikes,tractors - all being sold "for his dad"...
  3. Alfa GT Scam

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi Chaps do not be tempted by this beauty, you will get stung! the car appears to be genuine, its on the GT register within AROC, but its the seller that is not. They ask for cash into go into an intermediary then the car gets delivered as they are serving with the forces...
  4. possible scam?

    General Alfa Discussion
    seems way too cheap and the description is wrong (wheels), plus no history mentioned. what do you think? Alfa Romeo Spider 2.4 JTDM 2dr :confused:
  5. Scam on Internet Alfa

    South Africa
    Hi all, You guys probably know that I really want a spider. So I went online and did some searches, came across a scam from colonel Gavin Clarke. Basically, I just played along with him. Actually quite fun. Here are the emails Gavin, I worked for Lockheed Martin in Germany base. At the...
  6. Latest Government Road Tax Scam?

    General Motoring Discussion
    I think we all know that from October you'll no longer need to display a tax disc. But has anyone else noticed this little scam they've sneaked through at the same time? :mad: Scroll down a bit. Basically, road tax will no longer be...
  7. Is this a scam ?

    General Alfa Discussion
    I put my current car ('05 Alfa 147 with 41k miles) on Autotrader for £2195 2 days later I get text message on my mobile saying "Alfa Rome.. still 4 sale? I can offer £2045 & collect tomorrow! Visit and enter this Purchase Id" Clearly this site is nothing to do with...
  8. Is this a scam????

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi I am looking at buying this alfa 156 monza sport 2002. however in my last few days of research I can not find a matching model....anywhere!! could the private seller have his description wrong as this does not look like any 156 2002 model that i can find, rather a facelift 2003 model. please...
  9. 159 for sale on Gumtree - possible scam!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    I am currently looking to buy a second hand 159 and have been scouring the usual sites looking for the right one. I have already posted a thread, so some of you may know this already. I came across an ad on Gumtree advertising an 09 plate, looks like a Lusso, with 19" Ti wheels, 32000 on the...
  10. -scam or not?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Got my 159 on autotrader, just got a text from these people saying they have an offer for me (its quite good) and they can pick the car up and pay cash tomorrow! It looks like a kind of 'webuyanycar' type thing but a google search turns up next to nothing for them which is suspicious as hell...
  11. Honesty gets you nowhere insurance scam!

    General Motoring Discussion
    To cut a long story short, having driven 7 hours to London I attempt to parallel park my Alfa but being tired I only manage to nudge the car behind me. On checking both bumpers no damage was visible. Being an honest Geordie, I located the female owner, told here that I had nudged her car...
  12. Ebay scam?

    The Classic Alfa Romeos I recognise the car, especially with the mini lites on plus the garage in the background looks familiar so am thinking the pics have been lifted from a previous ad? New ebay...
  13. Hi is this another scam

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Check out item 300684199038 the car is so cheap it beggars belief grab a bargain or get your fingers burnt!! A couple of weeks ago a cracking 159 jtd was on ebay an 08 model at peanuts cancelled by ebay that was a scam.
  14. Hi is this another scam?

    Alfa MiTo
    Checkout ebay item 300684199038 too good to be true. A week or to ago a 159 jtd low mileage 2008 was listed on ebay at peanuts that was a scam. I may be wrong if so someone is getting a steal!!
  15. Possible Scam on Gumtree

    South Africa
    Saw this on gumtree: ALFA ROMEO SCAM SCAM ALERT IN RICHARDS BAY - Durban & KZN used car for sale - Gumtree Durban & KZN Free Classifieds No harm in posting if it possibly saves one person from getting scammed.
  16. Car wash SCAM - be warned

    South Africa
    So we take our babies for a nice shampoo and vacuum of course. Now be warned our cars have a slot where I tend to keep my petrol card by the handbrake. When they are inside your care notice how their phones come out on a fake call - what they are doing is taking a photo of your petrol card and...
  17. Tapfish: Good business or scam?

    The Technology Section
    Child takes iPhone's 'Tap Fish' bait, reels in $600-plus bill - DailyFinance Game is free, but they charge to buy back in/reanimate the kids' virtual pet fish. Nice. :thumbs: Tap Fish Dealer - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 12/08/11 - Video Clip | Comedy Central
  18. NCT scam!

    Republic of Ireland
    Right the story is that the NCT's Charter states that if your NCT appointment is not within 4 weeks one is entitled to a free test : The actual wording is "Ensure that the average leadtime for an appointment at an individual test centre is less than three weeks with a free test if this is...
  19. Fiat ECU Scan and found mileage scam?

    Engines (TS, JTS, JTD & V6)
    hi, just thought i'd ask if anyone has used Fiat ECU Scan (or the Alfa equivalent) and found that the ECU stored mileage is different to the odometer on the dash? we bought our Doblo (1.9 JTD ELX) from a garage dealership in 2006 with 54,000 miles on the dashboard odometer. it now has 109,986...
  20. beware pistonheads scam :-(

    West Midlands
    as many know i had/have my car up for sale on Pistonheads got an email from a account (not a typo) asking if i still had the car next one i got was this :- Hi thanks am glad to read from you ,will appreciate more pictures... i am a marine engineer, i am at sea right now.I am...