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  1. How to save money at Christmas

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    Yes I know. I'm an old heartless pervert, but I found this very funny. Anyway, I couldn't keep it to myself, sorry. Grtz :D :D :D Hoygaard
  2. dipped lights save lives??

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    "Dublin City Council says ten percent of motorists used dipped headlights during their month long daytime 'lighting up campaign'. The full results of the campaign will not be available until next month, but a city spokesperson says they're happy with the figures they've achieved. The 'Lights on...
  3. Save money - go Italy.

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hello Guys This is my first input to this great forum ! This summer my family and I went to Toscana on vacation. Great place and great ride - 1800 km's from Denmark ! Never mind when we got there my '97 2.0 16v S was getting close to 80.000 km. So one day I went to a lokal Alfa garage and had a...