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  1. santa pod

    South East
    lets go and do a few runs! :D vroom vroom! :p Brad...
  2. Santa Pod

    South East
    anyone for a taste of the drag strip? i am planning on having a alfa day at the famous Santa Pod, with a run what ya brung day. it would be set in august on saturday 18th it costs £20 for unlimited runs and would be a great day out! so if ya wanna see what your car can do, post in with your...
  3. anyone interested in an Alfaowner trip to santa pod?

    International Events
    seeing as how there is no Italian car day at santa pod this year, i thought id see if anyone was interested in having an Alfaowner trip to one of the RWYB events, i realise it will be full of 17 yr olds in their mums fiestas but it will be a good chance to spread the gospel according to Alfa:D...
  4. Santa Clause - Does He Exist???

    Poll Room
    Well does he??? If not who gives all the pressies???;) ;) ;)
  5. Well Santa came early

    General Alfa Discussion
    Santa was to deliver my new toy yesterday but due to the paperwork not coming through in time I couldn't take the car :cry: It wasn't the dealers fault as I was pushing them really hard to have the car before Xmas. However they played Santa and lent this one until the 2nd or 3rd of Jan. It's...
  6. An Alfa day at the Santa Pod?

    International Events
    Reading the thread below, this idea struck my mind. The pod is pretty easy to get to no matter where you are in the UK. They do run what you brung days at the weekend (usually sunday) pretty much throughtout the year. Would be a good idea for a day out and a laugh for all you alfisti out...
  7. Santa Brought Me Two Holes

    Alfa 164 & 166
    One in my Radiator and One in my pocket :( 21nd December ... niagara springs forth from the front of my 166 ... fortunate to make it home via several forecourt hops ... a few calls later and my local dealer ( nearest 21 mls away ) could get the rad and fit it on the 23rd ... price £310 :(...
  8. Santa Pod yesterday

    General Alfa Discussion
    Anyone from here go there yesterday, I was there in my GT and some guy in a red 147 GTA gave me the nod (bit like the Alfa wave :D ) so just wondered if he was on here and how he did, was quite slippery there yesterday with spots of rain and stuff, I only managed a 16.2 :( so not quite a...
  9. Cheshire's answer to Santa Pod....

    General Alfa Discussion
    At the behest of some friends, just did a 0-60 on the way back from a pub lunch (no alcohol drunk, obviously) Of course, it was done via the highly scientific method of using a stopwatch and watching the speedo, but still I'm actually very impressed with it's performance. There were four people...
  10. The Santa Pod Movie!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Well a month ago me and some mates went off to the pod for a run-what-ya-brung day. I've finished compiling the video now which has turned out ok I think. You can download the 290mb DivX from here. :)
  11. What should santa bring?

    Alfa 155
    Hi dudes, OK, so, I've never actually fixed anything on a car apart from replacing a section of coolant hose on me Escort once. I would appreciate some advice from those more experienced amongst you (mechanical experience that is wink )....if I want to start doing my own stuff on the car...