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  1. Sandwich Goes Italian

    South East
    Sandwich in Kent goes Italian on 26th & 27th August 10.00 to 4.00pm Join us with your Alfa Romeos Young or old (Cars that is ) Bring them down and make a day of it No charge! Lets show the people of Sandwich some proper Italian cars!! Get in touch for directions etc Come and make a day of it...
  2. 2.5 oil cooler sandwich water flow

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi Just want to check a couple of things if some one knows please 1.flow direction through the oil cooler sandwich im assuming it flows from the top anf through the sandwich and into the block. 2. and is the flow controlled by the thermostat so no flow when cold thanks :thumbs:
  3. 156 JTS Oil filter sandwich plate

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello, Can anyone please tell me if anyone have try to install an oil pressure / temperature sandwich plate between the oil pump / cooler and the oil filter on the 156 JTS? Is it possible? as look to me the oil filter was too closed to the CAT / Exhaust manifold, not much space between, which...
  4. Ice Cream Sandwich

    The Technology Section
    I didn't realise I couldn't send pics attached to PM's until i tried :( So, this one's for you spx!! :thumbs:
  5. caught in a BMW sandwich

    General Motoring Discussion
    i banged out about 100 miles today running errands and getting lost (don't ask), but one of the highlights was getting caught in a BMW sandwich; 1985 635CSi in front, and a (1988-ish) M5 behind me - the 635 sounded wonderful, while the M5 lunged in a way that suggested it was about to eat me :)...
  6. Bacon Sandwich

    Poll Room
    Smoked or unsmoked bacon???
  7. Summer is (just about) here: Cucumber sandwich time!

    Poll Room
    How do you make yours? (Multi-choice) :D Gah: Forgot to add with or without crusts. :(
  8. Bacon Sandwich which sauce?

    Poll Room
    Which sauce makes a bacon butty for youy?
  9. How many rashers of bacon do you put in a sandwich ?

    Poll Room
    Just had a bacon butty with 6 pieces of bacon in...felt a bit of a piggy (no pun intended) many do you put in ? :D
  10. went out to lunch and bought a Sandwich and...

    General Alfa Discussion
    and an Alfa 156 2.0 TS fully equipped!