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  1. Mazda RX8 - would you?

    General Motoring Discussion
    :mope: I'm lurking on a couple on ebay.
  2. Gone and changed the Alfa... for an rx8 r3!

    General Alfa Discussion
    So i have changed my 147 ducati corse (which is now for sale if anyone is interested) fo a mazda rx8 r3... had it for 2 months from a main dealer and; it was sold with a duff battery, skirt hanging off, one of the plastic holes in the recaro seats came out, a gearbox leek.... and now... another...
  3. RX8 owner interested in moving to a Guilietta; some questions

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone. I didn't realise I had an account here, but just checked my previous posts and 4 years ago I was looking at an Alfa 155. Totally forgot about that! I never ended up getting one though. I was scared off with reliability stories foolishly. Anyway to the present day. Im no longer 20...
  4. GTV or RX8

    General Alfa Discussion
    I know this is an Alfa forum so is probably a bit of a daft question but want a little sports car mainly for weekend use and when it is hammering it down and can't be arsed running to work. The best options are a GTV, I like the Phase 3 mostly so can possibly get a JTS for £2000, would consider...
  5. RX8 - off piste

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Totally off topic I know, but does anyone on here know these vehicles WELL. Mazda RX8. I know the traditional third hand info on rotary engines such as...'they use oil' 'thirsty' 'expensive to service' etc, but I'm looking for personal experience. Apologies in advance for asking such...
  6. Mazda RX-8

    Cool Wall
    Rotary. Is it cool?
  7. RX8 or GTV V6

    General Motoring Discussion
    pulled up next to an RX8 in Tesco's this morning ,red with red/black leather interior,what a great looking car.This coming year will probably be my last with a ragtop and I had in mind the Spider would be replaced with a GTV V6 but with the price of early 2004ish RX8's going through the floor I...
  8. Mazda RX8 192: Offered a cheeky £3500!

    General Motoring Discussion
    Hey, this car's been up for sale a few times now with ZERO bids on it, I've offered him a cheeky £3500 though, will see what he says. It's the mileage on it that'll put most people off, 100,000 miles in a short amount of time is alot, especially on these wanky engines or whatever they're...
  9. Mazda RX-8

    General Motoring Discussion
    Has anyone driven/owned one. Just had one following me down a windy B road. It sounded very nice. I've always liked Mazda's ever since I owned a V6 MX-3
  10. Mazda RX-8

    General Motoring Discussion
    Anyone got, driven or know much i.e any major issues about the Mazda RX-8? Very tempted to get one next year. Once had a Mazda MX-3 V6 and I've got to say to this day it's the best and car I ever had (sorry Alfa)
  11. TT vs. Brera vs. RX-8 Top Gear video download

    Motoring Images
    You can download it here, but you have to register first (for free)
  12. GT v RX8

    General Alfa Discussion
    Not sure if this has been done before:confused: One thing for sure, VBH revs my engine:inlove: Cheers,
  13. Prodrive RX-8

    General Motoring Discussion
    Just saw an ad in T3 magazine for a Prodrive mod'd Mazda RX-8. Anyone seen, heard one? :) Edit: Mazda Site
  14. Anyone know any RX8 Owners ?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi Guys, If anyone knows any RX8 owners who might like a cool plate for their RX8 that i'm selling please would you pass on this link. Many TIA, Mike.
  15. Brera vs RX-8 vs 407

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider A convincing 2nd place, esp. with: "There's good news for private buyers: the Brera has the best predicted resale value, retaining 55 per cent after three years. " :)...
  16. Brera beats olf R32 and Mazda RX8

    General Alfa Discussion
    this weeks Autocar test drives the cars head to head and the alfa comes out on top. yes they where testing the 2.2 as well! over all the Brera basically one on its sheer beuty and the fact that it is a true coupe. good to look at and no space in the back. its all about the feel good factor not...
  17. Mazda RX8

    General Motoring Discussion
    Had a look at a RX8 last night. Nice car and very well put together, although the instrument binnacle is a steal from a 147 (Mazda keep nicking Alfa ideas). The owner liked the car but I got the impression he would't have another - 22mpg :eek: He lives in East kilbride and works in Edinburgh -...
  18. Alfa 147 GTA vs Mazda RX8

    General Alfa Discussion
    Ok, so one is a hatchback and one is a coupe, but it's a practical 4 door (sort of) coupe and has a Mazda badge. The RX 7 which came before the RX 8 was very lovely indeed, fast, rare, beautiful even though it sucked fuel. I've been looking forward to the RX 8 for some time and have only seen...