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  1. Alfa Owner, Milano works run

    South Africa
    From Alfa Owner forum and Milano works, we used to organize runs from time to time. This is such a time again. We invite Alfisti to join us for a breakfast run. Meet at Grey Owl McDonald's at 7:40, depart 8:15 for Total Petroport on N14 for a regroup / coffee. Depart 8:45 for Culinary Table...
  2. 166 3.0 cambelt change - won't run

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Hello 166 forum members I've a big problem for my first tech post! I have a 166 3.0 auto 1999 model and have just changed the cambelt, bearings and tensioner plus the water pump, thermostat and spark plugs. I used Eldon camlocks and crank timing was set with the marks on the flexplate...
  3. Run flats or standards

    Alfa Giulia
    Shortly going to be fitting winter tyres on my Veloce. 225 front and 255 rear. 18s. Apparently no Pirelli availability until November. I checked with local dealers and also with the PPC in Burton. So, my local dealer is offering Goodyears at a good price. However, they are not runflats. Does it...
  4. Tyre pressure - Veloce on Goodyear run flats

    Alfa Giulia
    To other owners of this vehicle model - Do you know what the tyre pressures are for run flats? I'm not sure if the owner's manual indicates tyre pressure or mentions the values are for run flats? Thanks.
  5. Cold Hard Run Problem Coluld Not Solved

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi, (Alfa Romeo 159 1.9 JTDM 150HP-2006) There are lots of topics about cold hard run/start problem. I read all of them, tried suggestions but my problem not solved. A few years ago I post same topic, I thought the problem was solved, but the same problem persists. I really need help to my...
  6. Run wire throug firewall Giulietta, tips wanted!

    Alfa Giulietta
    Herr in Norway the winters can be quite cold. For that i want to install an engine heater (heat either coolant or engine oil) and that is easy to install. I also want to install what we call a coupe heater. (smal flatt heater that fits under i.e gloves box) For that i need a wire to run throug...
  7. First long run in my 147

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Well today was my first long run in my 147 1.6 twin spark since buying it. 190 miles at an average of 38 mpg, is this any good? The car seems to get better the more I drive it. Prior to my purchase it had been sat in a garage for 18 months. My normal test is to sit at 70 with cruise control...
  8. Had a nice run with a Porsche Boxster S

    Alfa Giulietta
    Had nice run with a Porsche Boxster S on the weekend. Saw him fly past me in traffic with a loud exhaust and I couldnt resist chasing after him. Then I saw there was another car chasing him also in my mirrors. We fly through the traffic and hes going pretty quick and I have no problem keeping...
  9. Run flats

    Alfa Giulia
    Can anyone confirm whether the 2018 QV comes with run flats or not? I have a flat front tire, and the dealer has ordered a new run flat tire. However, the manual states that models with run flats "are not equipped with the foam insufflation device"... My car is equipped with that... It's in the...
  10. Run Flats

    Alfa Giulia
    Can anyone enlighten me as to why the Veloce spec comes with 'run flats' as standard? We have 'run flats' on our BM and I find them a bit rubbish and they will soon be replaced with regular tyres. The other Giulia variations, including the QV, all have regular tyres.
  11. Perth Pasta Run 2017 Video - Lots of Alfas ad Ferraris

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi Guys My edit of the 2017 Pasta Run featuring some wonderful pre-war Alfa's, pretty much most era's of GTV/GT, a Ferrari F40, a La Ferrari, and a whole heap of us getting very lost. I'm so proud of my little $3K GTV for running alongside such wonderful machines. Enjoy and please post on...
  12. Hit and run problems

    General Motoring Discussion
    Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help me. Our second car was hit on Saturday night and the driver disappeared. I have no details of the car and now have the issue of insurance excess and the potential loss of no claims. The police advised me that I might be able to claim the excess back from the...
  13. Gauteng end of year Run: Kitty Hawk 20171209

    South Africa
    Hi guys, Here is the official event for the Breakfast run to Kitty Hawk Aerodrome. Saturday 9 Dec We meet at McDonald's Irene mall parking (Just off R21) at 7:00 to depart 7:20. The route: The Destination:
  14. Gauteng end-of-year run

    South Africa
    Hi guys, I think we should do a run soon as we are heading into the festive season soon. We have been going Harties side quite a few times now, I'm thinking a run to Kitty Hawk Aerodrome would be nice. Your thoughts? EDIT: perhaps Sat 9 or Sun 10 Dec? Or the weekend before? I don't think the...
  15. 18 inch Winter run flats

    Alfa Giulia
    Options seem very limited and expensive, been quoted £960 for a set of Pirelli Sotto zero's
  16. Easiest way to run a wire from engine bay to cabin

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hello all, Quick question. I was wondering if anyone knew of the easiest and least intrusive way of running a wire from the engine bay to the drivers side fuse box area. From where I see it, the electrical wires running into the cabin are all loomed together and run into a tight plastic holder...
  17. Anyone use a over run alternator pulley

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    While researching alternators i read a thread on over run alternator pulley's OAP's and OAD's and how they are good for the combustion engine . Has anyone used one , can they be used on a V6 engine . Because if they are good for the engine i may aswell upgrade to one for the price and while i...
  18. Dyno run on my 1.9 16v today

    Tuning & Upgrades
    My car seems to have more power than the standard 150 has and before I started tuning it myself i thought i would dyno it went today to my dyno which iv used in my last 3 dyno runs. As far as I have reciepts for all it has is an egr blank. Please remember the car has still got both cats and the...
  19. New clutch now or run it to the ground?

    Alfa 164 & 166
    As I write this, I'm in Facebook chat communication with the Alfa guru here in Sofia, looking to get an indicative pricing for a clutch replacement for my car. It's basically no different from when I bought it last July but he told me then, just from the pedal pressure, that the clutch was...
  20. Coast to Coast run

    North East
    Alfabook NE are having a Coast to Coast run on 14th May if anyone on here wants to join us. We'll be meeting at the St Mary's Lighthouse car park, Whitley Bay, NE26 4RS, at around 9:30, with a view to setting off at around 10am. Paul has organised a fantastic route taking in some great roads...