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  1. Range Rover rude. Fiesta friendly

    General Motoring Discussion
    A new survey ranks the drivers for friendliness Drivers of these cars have been declared the rudest on Britain's roads | City A.M.
  2. Rude of Me

    Introduce Yourself
    I have just bought my first Alfa - a 1999 Spider 916 TS Lusso, and have started asking questions on the Forums without saying 'hello' first ! Needless to say I apologise and look forward to many interesting visits to the Site. So 56 yr old Male with a fairly sweet grey Alfa with red interior...
  3. Number Plates - a little bit rude

    South West
    Ok guys...tghis is a pic of a genuine number plate that I saw when driving through Grantham a good few years back...always makes me chuckle (it brings out the child in me) :lol:
  4. How rude - Hi

    Introduce Yourself
    Sorry, posted 3 replies so far and I haven't even said "hi" So, hi. I'm not an Alfa owner yet but have said for years 'one of these days'. My only experience of Alfa ownership to-date is my grandad having owned a couple back in the 70s so I believe things might have moved on a touch (heaps...
  5. How rude of me!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi I've just been reminded that I've never introduced myself. So Hi all. I 'm John and I'm an Alfaholic! Worked my way through a couple of 156's( 2.0 ts and 2.4 Jtd) and now on second 147( 2.0 selespeed) Despite the obvious unreliablilty issues I think they look fantastic. My 147 has 17's...
  6. House Sharing (V. Rude, but I blanked the bad bits. :) )

    Motoring Images
    It's been so long since student house sharing days I'd forgotten what fun they could be. Especially those "notes" some flatmates liked to leave, like this one.... :cheese:
  7. How rude of me!

    Introduce Yourself
    I just realised i never said hello to everyone when i joined, so im righting a wrong! :tut: :lol: Driving a GT but maybe going to trade down to a GTV/156/147 at some point, not sure yet, or maybe a Mercedes SLK!! :cool: :p
  8. Oops, i've been rude

    Introduce Yourself
    I've been posting elsewhere without introducing myself. Hello, I'm Minch. I'm in Gloucester and I drive a 97 155 1.8 16v TS.
  9. How rude, I've been brought up better than this

    Introduce Yourself
    Hy girls and guys, I am Joost (that's Dutch: J as in You, OO as in Okay, ST) from Holland or The Netherlands as some prefer. I drive a 1972 Giulia Super 1300, with a 1.6 engine with KN sportfilters. Since I have already posted 55, make that 56, comments/threads I sincerely hope you'll forgive...
  10. Rude Awakening

    Alfa 155
    My Alfa 155 lives on the drive just outside my bedroom window. At 2:30 this morning the horn (not the alarm) decided to sound continuously. After regaining conciousness and deciding that World war 3 hadn't in fact started, I threw on some clothes, ran outside barefooted in the rain, opened the...