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  1. What Do You Think Of Our New Room!

    Donalds Alfa Romeo
    Your opinions? Any thread ideas? Anything you would want to see?
  2. Glancing around the room, a quiet "hello"

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello all, Anxious to share in the Alfa ambiance here. Currently own a '62/'63 Giulia Sprint, '81 Spider 2.5L conversion, '88 Spider, '91 164. Past cars include '59 Veloce spider, '67 GTV, '71 Berlina, '62 Spider, '61 Sprint Speciale, less memorable Alfettas. The '63 Sprint was the 1st Alfa...
  3. How about a chat room

    Announcements & Comments
    The chat thread is popular, how about a chat room? Maybe a simple java front end to an irc room?
  4. Show Room Tax rip off

    General Alfa Discussion
    Reports in the Sunday Times suggest 'Dont call me Darling' is going to introduce a 'show room tax' on all new cars in this weeks budget. It will make it cheaper to buy a Prius but the bigger engined cars will get hammered by upto £2000-00 in extra taxation.This is going back to the bad old days...
  5. From Russia with love - AR show room opens officially in Moscow

    General Alfa Discussion
    I knew Alfa is something of an exotic on cold Russian shores,but it was a surpise to find out today via italiaspeed that until recently,Alfa Romeo didn't have an official dealer in the whole country!:eek: There's loads of talk about Alfa returning to the States,but this is a real missed...
  6. AO chat room...

    General Alfa Discussion
    What's the scoop on the chat room? I can't get in FULLSTOP. Is it just me...? - Lips
  7. Chat room thread 2 - The resurection

    General Alfa Discussion
    As andrea asked, here's the new chatroom thread... The bar is currently closed... we will be open tonight (I hope) :)
  8. Chat room thread

    General Alfa Discussion
    I suggest we use this thread everytime one of us is in for a chat just post it here, so other members can see We're in now, do join us :) (for those of you who don't know where the chat room is, go to the main page and click on "live chat" )
  9. Chat room?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Does the chat room get used? or do most people stick to using the forum?
  10. Engine room "******"clips

    Alfa 155
    How do those funny clips work? The ones on the airbox-air flow meter hose, etc. and on the inlet pipes (V6). For those of you without these little gems, they have a little hook section at one end and a pimple of metal that fits into a slot on the other end. Somehow you tug them together, feed...
  11. Help....Not enough leg room in my 156

    General Alfa Discussion
    Does anyone know anywhere where I can get some longer seat runners so that I can move my drivers seat further back????? :confused:
  12. So why this room AO?

    Introduce Yourself
    Okay - lets get more introduced and personal! Why? ----- Why not?! Actually because we can, although bear in mind if you dont want to answer some questions you dont have too! Let us interview you! Its fun and we all get to delve further into our characters. Boy this has the potential for good...
  13. Live Chat Im in the room now

    General Alfa Discussion
    Chatting about anything
  14. Chat room

    General Alfa Discussion
    some of us are chatting now at Pop by if you like?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi guys, Just thought I'd mention to all the die hards that the chat that is going to be held on Alfa Owner on monday evening will include Numan (Alfa main dealer expert technician). He has asked me to mention it to all of you that don't venture outside 155 that if you need any help he will...