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  1. Alfa Romeo Museum Rocks!!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Been today, was there from about 10:30 to 2pm, loads to see, brilliant experience. I'll post up some pictures when I'm somewhere with decent wifi or mobile coverage. :) Sean Edit: pic link is now up later in thread here >>...
  2. A for Alfa rocks my socks

    Alfa GTA
    We all know how great people like AL and Alfa Wshop are, but just wanted to remind people how good Paul is for others around the Bucks area :thumbs:. Contacted him this afternoon, and he's managed to squeeze me in tomorrow morning (needed it asap for track day on sat!) to fit braided lines & do...
  3. Sunset over Cow & Calf Rocks

    Non Motoring Images
    So, Inspiration came from Bobda after seeing some post processing he did in Adobe Lightroom, I have a few photos I took years ago on a digital camera with really poor noise reduction in it's on-board compression engine so out comes Lightroom and lets have a play. Unfortunately there wasn't...
  4. Is my love affair with Alfa on the rocks?

    Alfa GTA
    I drive a 147 GTA, 6 years old. I have had it from new and serviced it regularly. I have had the corse coilovers from Autodelta, new rims and a number of other improvements since the warranty expired but nothing electrical. I recently had to replace the engine guard and when I completed the...
  5. Old Harry Rocks

    Non Motoring Images
  6. Help This Spider Color Rocks

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    I'm in love with this colour... 2008 Alfa Romeo Unica Images. Photo: alfa-romeo-unica-manu-08_02.jpg Can someone tell me what it's called, and what the color code is? I would like to spray my 156 JTS to this shade of white. It's simply beautiful beyond words....
  7. Q4 rocks!

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    I'm sure many of you are still braving this evening's weather induced gridlock nightmare... it took me 5 and a half hours to do 18 miles between Ealing and High Wycombe this evening. The thing that really put a smile on my face however is the reaction from the locals as I turned into my ice and...
  8. this rocks....

    General Alfa Discussion
    its probably been said before, but i'd like to say that after being on here for a few years & having posted 900+ posts, you guys & this site in general are the dogs b*****! I've been on a few owners forums & none (well maybe the Lancia Owners Forum) comes close to the atmosphere & helpfulness...
  9. Brimham Rocks

    Motoring Images
    Amazing rock formations and definately worth a visit if you're in the Ripon/Harrogate area. And, yes, the last picture is of a 3 metre high by 2 metre wide michelin man rock perched on a 300mm wide rock pedestal. All natural too.
  10. Kwik Fit AC service rocks!

    General Alfa Discussion
    I bought a 2000 GTV yesterday. Long story short, the AC didn't work, the light green light came on but no compressor kick and no engine tune change, it wasn't working. I checked the fuses and the relay they were all in. Took it to my local Kwik Fit, they hooked it up to a big grey machine...
  11. iPOD iTrip sucks - but Belkin TuneBase FM rocks

    ICE & Blue&Me
    Just got an iPOD Video 80GB at the weekend. Seems pretty cool but don't want to talk about the iPOD itself now :) I wanted to immediately be able to use the iPOD in a couple of cars so I didn't bother getting the Denison ICE Link setup for now (that probably would be the optimal setup for my...
  12. Italian Rocks !

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi there everyone, After years of driving oh so dependable, but oh so boring VW's, I thought I'd give an Italian marque a try. Being a bit short of readies at the time, I picked up a 1995 145 with the Boxer engine, not bad condition, FSH, great body. Oh my.... Now I know why some folks just...
  13. Individuality Rocks

    Alfa GTA
    Took my Bella out for a run this weekend from Ipswich to Horsham, approx 250 miles roundtrip. Sooo torquey and smooth, reminded me of my beemer, and great noise blasting away from the tolls at Dartford. In that time I saw 8 RX8's, 5 350z's, numerous Porsches (the love of my life), and a couple...
  14. Alfa on the rocks - Take I

    Motoring Images
    45 minutes session, 60 photos and a lot of joy. :) Enjoy it too ;) Thank you to Mr. R. who gave me a free pass. :cool: