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  1. sunday roast

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    what will you have sir / madam
  2. Roast potatoes

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    I've just put ours in the oven :p So the question is what do you roast yours in :D
  3. Roast dinner

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    Who does the Sunday roast in your home ? In the happy household it's me and damn tasty it is too :p
  4. Christmas Roast

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    Continuing the Christmas food vien, what are you planning as the main roast for the 25th?
  5. What's your favourite sunday roast?

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    Just finished some left over Welsh lamb from yesterday and it was delicious. I read somewhere that Sunday roast was going out of fashion, but not in our house! Got me to wondering what everyone else's favourite is? Being a woman who can't make up her mind, I've allowed multiple answers and...