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  1. '32 Highboy Roadster

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  2. Smart Brabus Roadster

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    Im currently looking at next spring/summers weekend toy and the Smart Brabus has been on my list for a few years and wondered if anyone here has had one or still owns one,ok they are not eveyones cuppa but after chatting to GBS (Great british sportscars) about their lotus 7 lookalike it looks...
  3. Goodbye Smart Roadster Hello 159!

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    With a second child imminent, my wife told me I should get a grown up car! Will miss the Roadster - lots of fun, but my new Alfa is beautiful to drive and look at. 2.2 JTS, black with biscuit (?) leather interior. The leather is a bit bright but kind of suits the car. Thanks for all the posters...
  4. Abarth 500 'Esseessse' vs Mini Roadster JCW

    South Africa
    On my way home today about to get onto the R21 at Elephant Road (for those fimiliar to Pretoria its close to the off ramp onto Hans Strydom) I spot a Abarth 500 in the left lane.. So I head towards it.. In the fast lane there is a Mini Roadster JCW.. The Abarth was black with red decals and...
  5. America's Most Beautiful Roadster

    Motoring Images
    This is the top gong for hot rods in the US, dished out each year at the Grand National Roadster Show. The name of the show is something of a misnomer because it isn't just roadsters. However, the winning car will be one. Take your pic. You can read a bit more about the...
  6. any 156 gta owners fancy a z3 M roadster?

    Alfa GTA
    There is a fella on pistonheads who is selling his Z3 M Roadster and wants to part exchange for a 156 GTA............... I guess the Z3 would be quicker
  7. Grand National roadster show 2011

    Motoring Images
    A few of the cars on display at this weekend's Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona. I've shamelessly nicked these from Retro Rides who, in turn, shamelessly nicked them from SoCal Car Culture - Car Shows - Cruise Nights - Photos. If anyone was wondering what to get me for my birthday...
  8. Abarth Roadster News

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    PistonHeads Headlines :)
  9. SLS roadster

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    Should have posted this earlier,as I was driving from A/Italia day at Brooklands,I was following Ferrari Italia(Awesome) We got onto M/way and on my right I saw a Mercedes Mclaren 722 with cameras fixed to its roof and it was obviously filming the new Merc'SLS but this was a roadster? obviously...
  10. Delahaye Roadster

    General Motoring Discussion
    BBC News - Diana Dors sports car to be sold Curvy. Cool. :cool:
  11. Mazda MX5/Eunos Roadster question

    General Motoring Discussion
    Right, prompted by a few triggers (workmate interested in one, RSK getting one and me thinking about changing my car), i have a question about MX5s. From memory, a Eunos Roadster is a Japan-market only car. Some made it to the UK, and some have been re-badged Mazda MX5. These cars are grey...
  12. Which Roadster?

    Poll Room
    The missus wants to get a little roadster jobby next year, and I've always hated the idea as, well, I'm not really a roadster fan, shock horror! :eek: What with the 156's, Galants, Jags etc I've had, you'd have thought I'd have had a Roadster thrown into the mix somewhere. :lol: Roadsters and...
  13. sub 5k roadster..

    General Motoring Discussion
    seem like there are a lot of these threads just now...but i actually HAVE a bag of loot and im looking for a car in this category... had really fancied an mr2 but the tales of pre-cat failure causing expensive engine failure kinda scare me..i appreciate that an easy fix is immediate manifold...
  14. Tesla Roadster

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    This time we have an electric car with sports car performance. It is based on a modified Lotus Elise chassis. And since it's so silent, it apparently causes some problems for bicycle riders and pedestrians because they can't hear it coming. Engine: 3-phase, 4-pole Electric Motor Power: 248 bhp...
  15. Zonda F Roadster

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  16. Smart car roadster gone mad!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Ive come back from work today to notice the lights switched on, on my roadster coupe however the stalk was switched to off!! I tried to start the car and the horn sounded and the wiper blades stuck on full, heated seats and the air con wouldnt switch off either The only thing i could do to...
  17. Smart Roadster

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    It may be Smart, but is it cool? :D
  18. MGF VVC, BMW Z3, MR2 Roadster...

    General Motoring Discussion
    Guy's, What with it nearly approaching summer I've been thinking about getting myself a convertible for a laugh. I've been looking toward BMW 2.8 Z3's, Toyota VVTi MR2's and VVC MGF's. Now, they all kick out similar performance stats, but the one I'm most interested in is the little MGF...
  19. Which Roadster?

    Poll Room
    OK, we have spent the last few weeks testing various British Weather mid-life-crisis-mobiles and think we have narrowed down the field somewhat. Problem is we haven't, only the MR2 has gone because everything involved shunting the seat back and forwards. We have had a go in all the following...
  20. Pagani Zonda F Roadster.. In the Flesh!!!!

    Motoring Images
    Thanks to a keen eyed girlfriend she spotted the limited edition Zonda F in the local pub car park! Must have been a meeting of Ferrari guys as there were a few of those about too. Only had two minutes to take a few pictures. By the time I got back with the camera he had shut the engine...