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  1. Meets & Events Images
    Here are a few pictures from the weekend
  2. Meets & Events Images
    Excellent turnout with faces (both automotive and human) new and old in glorious Lancashire sunshine. Lots of Alfas, a Lancia, a BMW and a coincidental cameo from a nice chap in a mentalist kit car affair.
  3. Meets & Events Images
    aka Odin's Big Day Out.
  4. Meets & Events Images
    here are some pictures I took todays, nice to see some familiar faces from my last Rivington meet (sep 2013) a nice turn out of some great looking cars, unfortunately on the way home, I past mark (silver spider in the pics) who had a little bump, hope everything is ok other than night a good...
  5. Meets & Events Images
    First up, the early arrival, A much different scene was on view at leaving time the lack of snow seemed to have made The Barn very popular today.
  6. Meets & Events Images
    Here we find the bravest man in the world..... a man who would let Gaz drive his car, alone, and over speed bumps.... oh, it was this car,
  7. Meets & Events Images
    I've a few snaps taken with my phone.
  8. Meets & Events Images
    Here are a few pics taken with my phone. One of the Swedish contingent escaped before I got my phone out though.
  9. Meets & Events Images
    Lovely morning up at Rivington Barn and good to see new faces and some older ones I've not met before. Not many pics by JimJr today. He was being altogether too cheeky and clever by half much of the time for which I apologise. Most of the time we seemed to congregate around these noisy two...
  10. Meets & Events Images
    Here are some pictures I took at todays meet :) sorry I didn't stay long, was nice meeting you all for the first time (hopefully not the last) for those who I never got chance to introduce myself, mine was the only blue alfa there haha
  11. Meets & Events Images
    Discussing stuff... Gaz's V6 and my TS Vicky Versa Mike's (username forgotten) lovely V6 GT. Bryan's Spider :) Which may or may not be for sale! Sorry I never got the owners name. Lovely 159 though. Billy no mates I think... Again don't know whose :( I did like it though...
  12. Meets & Events Images
    Some pictures from today.
  13. Yorkshire
    Any of you men of York fancy a jaunt onto the wrong side of the pennines for some good breakfast grub and banter? See this thread for more details. :D Sean
  14. Meets & Events Images
    Any pics yet? We all braved the snow and ice for a sausage muffin, and bit of banter.
  15. Yorkshire
    Have a lurk here for some Sunday morning shenanigans and bacon themed fun :) Sean
  16. Meets & Events Images
    trust fat gaz to arrange a meet where there's a bacon butty van... didn't take many pics, was too hot for hard work like that sorry didn't take any pics of our cars - even though there was 23 of them :o didn't take any of the 50 gazillion motorbikes there either or any of the...
1-19 of 20 Results