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  1. RIP "Formula 1"

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I noticed that there has been a distinct lack of discussion over the farce of the Austrian GP. All I can say is that as an avid Formula 1 fan for the past 22 Years (who in fact would have seen 90% of all races in that period in one way or another, and spent $7500 in merchandising, tickets, etc)...
  2. UK Dealer attempts rip off

    General Alfa Discussion
    A word of warning - I've had an astonishing experience with the local dealer - who I bought my 156TS from last year. Essentially, they have tried to charge me £800 to have the brakes (discs, pads, the lot) replaced on all wheels, six weeks and 1500 miles after a 24,000 service. I took the car...
  3. R.I.P 146

    General Alfa Discussion
    The day has come where i kiss my Alfa goodbye It would not start this monring. and the Key code light is now constantly showing. I have no master key or card to reset it The Alfa dealers say a new ECU will do it, but that will cost £1000+ So tonight i will light a torch and cremate it...