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  1. Rip to a classic

    Alfa GTA
  2. Alfa Imperial Kuilsriver(dealers are rip offs)

    South Africa
    I am extremely disgusted in the way that alfa dealers rip their fellow Alfisti off,as you aware when i bought my GTV 916 there was a crack in the front windscreen,I have now decided after some unfortunate events to replace the front windscreen of the 916.I phoned a couple of auto glass places...
  3. R.i.p. 156 gta

    Alfa GTA
    My GTA decided to spontaneously combust yesterday night.....I got out ok, thank God. It could have been much worse!
  4. Leather Rip

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Annoying i sat down on the drivers seat with a pen in my back pocket... and ripped the leather.... Im based in Dudley, does anyone know of anyone good to get it fixed. Its the limited red stitching black leather version.... Thanks in advance
  5. 156 RIP dont go through a big Puddle !!!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Just over two weeks ago my wife dropped me off in town to meet my mate for a few beers,it was chucking it down,she decided to go through Holyrood Park on the way home.There was a flood on the road or a big puddle as she called it,but as other cars were going through she decided to...
  6. Rip off pricing on GTA bits!

    Alfa GTA
    Just been wandering EBay, I occasionally look out for a late facelift info centre at a reasonable price. Typed in Alfa 156 info centre. 3 hits, all the 3 dial control panel. £48 for regular silver colour, £100 for GTA colour, why the 100% price hike for GTA grey? Anyone else found examples of...
  7. RIP Sergio

    General Motoring Discussion
    Can't see this in search so apologies if elsewhere but just read the sad news that Sergio Pininfarina has passed away aged 85, His legacy will be some of the most stunning designs in history, DB
  8. rip off insurance advice

    Insurance Section
    Hi Guys hopefully someone in the insurance game can help me. I am having a B12 suspension kit fitted to my car so I thought i would advise my insurance company, its only springs and dampers. They have said they do not except mods on insurance, when they shopped around they found a company that...
  9. Re-spray rip off

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Thought you might like to see the results of the rip-off re-spray I had done a while back, I think it's appalling, what do you guys think? This was a £4000 job! 1). Car before re-spray.... 2). Car stripped and on its way to bodyshop... 3). Car on collection, looks quite nice, pretty shiny...
  10. RIP my Ally

    Republic of Ireland
    Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of my Ally who, last night on the gorey bypass , passed away by catastrophic engine failure ie seized. There was no signs of what was happening so I like to think she didn't suffer she just stopped as I was passing a layby thought...
  11. in Memorial, 2006-2012 ( RiP)

    South Africa
    Shes lived a short 151000km life. . Bye Alfas?
  12. Bling R.I.P.

    Alfa MiTo
    Finally said goodbye to my gear knob and replaced it with something a bit more tasteful.
  13. Good old british justice.... RIP 156

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Just to update you all on the outcome of the scumbag who smashed up my beloved 156 after 5 months of police time cps input and numerous court appearances he has been found guilty of criminal damage ,section 4 public order ,use of threats to kill,use of behavoir with intent to cause fear of and...
  14. Leather Seat Rip

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi All, On my TI159 the drivers seat has developed a rip on the little winged bits on the bottom of the seat that hug your bottom. It runs along a crease which i can only assume has been created from using the seat. Has anybody else had this? I'm still in the manufactures warranty period, so...
  15. A great Alfisti loss in SA - R.I.P Brian Smith

    South Africa
    A great Soth African Alfa hero, Brian Smith sadly passed away yesterday. :( He suffered from Leukemia and fell into a coma just before Christmas. It came as a bit of a shock to most of us as a fellow racer Brian was a true gentleman and did a lot for motor racing and Alfa Romeo in SA. He just...
  16. RIP (I think) My Mito :(

    Alfa MiTo
    Travelling home from work last night, I had a collision at around 40/50 mph, ploughed straight into a ford focus who failed to stop at a give way junction. Air bags went off everywhere, and I was lucky to just be able to walk away! I hope my car is a write off, as i'd never feel safe in a car...
  17. Sir David Jack RIP

    The Technology Section
    Sir David Jack - Telegraph Eased the lives of many many many people throughout the world. A major contributer to well-being worldwide. :thumbs:
  18. RIP Sergio Scaglietti

    General Motoring Discussion
    RIP Sergio Scaglietti (1920-2011) Creator of the finest car ever built the Ferrari 250GTO has passed away today.
  19. R.I.P G - What a waste

    Alfa Giulietta
    After a 14 week wait climax hit boiling point when my lease company called this morning for what should have been confirmation of delivery tomorrow or Friday. Instead they tell me it has been written off after an accident during transportation while in Alfas hands :( This ever happened to...
  20. R.I.P Marco

    General Motoring Discussion
    Sad day in the world of motor sport as moto gp rider marco simoncelli dies at Sepang racetrack in Malaysia, it was a horrible crash :( BBC Sport - Marco Simoncelli dies after MotoGP crash in Sepang