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  1. Sneaky SUV reveal...

    Alfa Giulia A photo of Lorenzo Ramaciotti, from his successor as head of design, Ralph Gilles. But look more closely at what Lorenzo is sitting in...
  2. The next big reveal

    General Alfa Discussion
    So, what will be the next launch... We have been promised 7 more models in the next 3 years so it can't be too long before we get some more announcments.. What will be next, the Coupe? Spider? SUV? I would reckon the SUV to be the most likely to be next.
  3. Giulia - four weeks to the big reveal

    General Alfa Discussion
    looking forward to this! :cool:
  4. Tomorrow is two months until the Giulia reveal...

    General Alfa Discussion
    ...will we actually see something? What do you think?
  5. Date for Giulia reveal set by Sergio

    South Africa
    He stated the Giulia will be revealed on 24 June 2015. Exactly 105 years after Alfa was born.
  6. New Alfa reveal June 24th 2015....

    General Alfa Discussion
    Whether it's the Giulia (which I thought was being shown at Geneva in March), the SUV or the rumoured 6C, no-one knows, but Marchionne has set a date for something new! Fiat, Marchionne: il 24 giugno 2015 la nuova Alfa
  7. Jaguar XE reveal tonight

    General Motoring Discussion
    XE In about an hour :)
  8. Exclusive reveal on the Alfa Mito M Modifica

    Tuning & Upgrades
    Exclusive reveal on the Alfa Mito M Modifica Like many, I was most disappointed to hear that the much discussed Mito GTA had been postponed, probably axed, by Alfa Romeo! Mangoletsi shared this disappointment too, but there was nothing that could be done...or was there!! The possibility of...
  9. Woolworths reveal their new Xmas toy range

    Motoring Images
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Nemesis imposter reveal yourself

    General Alfa Discussion
    Whoever logged into pretending to be me, own up now, apologise to them and just confirm in general that it indeed was not me thank you very much. No need to apologise to me. If anyone thinks I'm a ****, it will be because I caused them to think that, not you naughty