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  1. Tempted to return to 164 ownership...

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Looking for another 164 Cloverleaf I can't shake the idea of returning to 164 ownership. It's only been a couple of years since I last owned one but I've had three different Alfas since and as much as I like them, I've come to realise that they're just not quite what I want. I really liked my...
  2. Return to Alfa.

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all. Have returned to Alfa with a 2010 Giulietta 1.6 diesel ( my fist diesel ever). Had 5 Alfa’s before so looking forward to reacquainting myself with them.
  3. Previous Alfa owner, considering a return with the Giulia

    Alfa Giulia
    Afternoon guys, A couple of years ago I had a Alfa GT Cloverleaf Q2 and I absolutely adored it. I've played around a bit since with other coupes, but I'm reaching the point of needing a saloon. My head can't help but be turned by the Giulia. The Quadrifoglio, unfortunately, is beyond my price...
  4. 2.4JTDm heater return hose replacement

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi all, Yet another hose carrying coolant seems to have burst on my car and is dropping lots of coolant when running. The hose in question is the heater matrix return hose which goes from a Y connecting underneath the thermostat to the bulkhead..... It's leaking at the bulkhead end of the hose...
  5. Windscreen washers pipe splitter/ non return valve

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi Someone recently posted a link to for a windscreen washer splitter the cost was about £7 & £7 postage You may be interested that I found this on eBay @ £3.61 free postage!
  6. Return fuel hose for Brera 2.4 Jtdm advice needed

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi all, Need some help/advice please I have a split hose on my brera 2.4, it's the hose that goes from the fuel rail and bends around to fuel distributor, its leaking diesel onto the head (picture attached) the only post I can find about the part is...
  7. I tried to return to the fold but no luck

    General Alfa Discussion
    After 5 years in the worldeness with the eventual arrival of the Giulia and my car due for replacement it was time once again to return to Alfa ownership that I had missed so much. So it was with great optimism that I set of to my local dealer to try and purchase a Veolce. Following an initial...
  8. Official news of Alfa F1 return !

    General Alfa Discussion The Alfa Romeo name will return to Formula 1 in 2018 in partnership with Sauber and Ferrari. Sauber's 2018 specification Ferrari engines will carry Alfa badging, and the squad will be known as the Alfa Romeo Sauber F1...
  9. Aberdeenshire Alfa return?

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello All, have previously owned a 2004 156 2.4 JTD Veloce Sportwagon that we all loved however had to part ways as the family was expanding. Now considering a 2nd car for my commute into the city and my heart is pulling back to another Alfa probably in the £1k to £2k region. Signed up to see...
  10. Slow brake pedal return.

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi all, slightly weird one. My brakes work fine on my 1998 (late CF1 Ph1 2.0 TS) Spider, albeit with a slightly soft feel and very very light for first half inch of travel. Also, the pedal can take some time to return, sometimes a little lift with the foot aides it coming back up. I've lubed up...
  11. Is there a Fuel (diesel) return valve at my 159?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi everyone, for Alfa Romeo 159 1.9 JTDM, is there a fuel return valve which do not let fuel return to the fuel tank? Or is there anything like this on somewhere? There must be something like this because we need constant fuel pressure between fuel pump and diesel filter before starting the...
  12. A return to Alfa ownership

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi guys, I used to own a 145 Cloverleaf many years ago and I've decided I need another Alfa in my life - specifically one with the 3.2 V6. On the lookout for a 147 GTA so hopefully this forum can steer me in the right direction. Can't wait to get behind the wheel of one again :) Cheers! Will
  13. GT 2.0 return to trader

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Morning all. I bought a GT from a trader in July 15 and it was not roadworthy. I rejected it under sale of goods act for a refund within 3 weeks. Trader refused my reasonable terms so I stored the car, SORN, made a claim and got a CCJ for the full value. When the trader didn't pay, I handed...
  14. Clutch Return Spring

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    I'm trying to locate a clutch return spring for my ph2 3.0 V6 . I can't seem to find one of them anywhere, and breakers don't seem to have them! Any thoughts? The reason for replacement is that it clicks when lifting the clutch. Thanks in advance.
  15. Non return valves

    Tuning & Upgrades
    Hi All 3.0 24 Engine On the plenum the 2 pipes coming off it , I guess they both are made to work from vacuum. This being the case and having a turbo will be ok for me to fit non return valves so the the turbo pressure does not blow down them . Any info will be good thanks in advance
  16. Another return to dealer scare

    Alfa GTA
    Driving today and the fated return to dealer scare mongering lit up... quick scan with multi scan this evening reveals i have a lambda issue.. But a few quick questions.. why does the Gta require four of them.. will two do if the fronts are fooled with adapters Where is the best place to get...
  17. What's your best 159 MPG return? (Pics for proof)

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Yesterday did a small test, after 1 hour and 20mins, driving as economically as possible 25-60mph , on the A10 and through Enfield I managed to clock in a 46.0MPG in my 159 1.9 JDTM. Personally I think this is pretty decent, was just curious what other peoples best MPG is in the 159 / Brera...
  18. Alfa may return to F1

    General Alfa Discussion
    It has been posted in the motorsport section but here it is... How about Alfa branded engines in next years Haas, Sauber etc..? Reuters) -- Fiat Chrysler Automobiles could bring the Alfa Romeo brand back to Formula One as a competitor to Ferrari, CEO Sergio Marchionne said. "It's incredible...
  19. Spider gearbox - return spring failed?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Just recently the 'spring' which returns the stick to the central position appears to have either failed or the maybe the stick has stiffened preventing return to a central position? When changing from 2nd to 3rd the spring on that correctly centres the stick to the central 3rd/4th position...
  20. How to disconnect return power steering hose from down by the bumper?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Stumped, it's the push on kind, similar to the push on fuel hose connectors, but it has 4 pins instead of 2 - I literally don't have the hands to push all 4 white clips in - how do you get it off? [email protected]