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  1. Need help restoring a Giulia GTV - Gauteng

    South Africa
    Hi all I bought a 1969 1750GTV 5 years ago that unfortunately had rotted away to an unsalvageable condition, and the engine was equally buggered, but the interior and most of the trim pieces were still present and in decent shape. I have since transplanted as much as possible into a 1975 1600...
  2. Leather restoring advice

    Car Detailing
    I am probably being a bit picky about my interior, but it is red leather, and the driver's seat bolster and a couple of parts of the rear seat in my GT need attention. It is more like scuffing and I would like to attend to it rather than let it get any worse. Can anyone recommend a good...
  3. Restoring paint, tcut?

    Alfa 75, RZ, SZ
    My red 1988 Alfa 75 had been sat on a drive for about 7 years before i bought it, and the bonnet has faded to almost white. What would be the best way of restoring the paint? I've been over with a few coats of t-cut, and it's very slowly coming through. But I don't really want to apply any more...
  4. Best black restoring product.

    Car Detailing
    I have just been out giving the Giulietta a wash, and the black plastic parts of the car vary in colour between grey on the scuttle panel and brown on the rear bumper insert where they have faded or got dirt ingrained into them. The rear bumper insert looked particularly awful. I managed to...
  5. A guy called Matt that was restoring a P4? He bought a load of parts off me last year

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Well, I forgot to put in a couple of ECU's and was meaning to post them on. A LOT has been happening since and I've moved back to the UK myself, got boxes unpacked and found the 2 ecu's again. So, apologies Matt and if you are still around give me a shout and I'll get them sent off to you...
  6. Persuade me that restoring a 156 V6 is a stupid idea.

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I've been offered a 156 V6 for scrap value. I don't need another car, I have several, and most of them work. I could persuade myself that as this car is the same colour as my 156 I could use it as a spares car, but I know that if I get it, it won't be a spares car. As one would expect with...
  7. Help in restoring a 1978 series 2 spyder

    South Central
    Hi everyone, This is my first thread on this forum as a newbie. Some help please. I have recently purchased a series 2 1978 spyder for restoration. The car is a Californian import although that was about 10 years ago. It has passed through several people who have gradually stripped it down. When...
  8. Anyone think this is worth restoring?

    South Africa
    Ok, guys, it's not an Alfa but I have had a soft spot for these Lancia Montecarlos since I first saw them in the 1980's. Must be one of the first mid-engined cars and RWD of course. Either 1980, 81 or 82. This one is at a local workshop for a cylinder-head gasket repair(?). Had a quick look at...
  9. Darkening or Restoring Hint for Faded Plastic material and rare diffuser..

    Alfa Giulietta
    When I noticed some whiteness (greyish) on my rare diffuser of my giulietta I started an investigation for darkening it.. After a few days of investigation I found out that when you apply a heat gun or blow torch to your plastic material of your car (whatever it is) it suddenly darkens like new...
  10. Restoring rear parcel shelf

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Has anyone attempted this mine has faded badly ... it was grey more light purple now.. thinking of spraying black.. anyone done this and have photos ..
  11. Restoring rear parcel shelf

    Alfa GTA
    Has anyone else got a badly faded rear parcel shelf and is there a cure without buying a new item..
  12. HELP: restoring an Alfetta 2.0 from 1982

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    How can I do to identify parts, because my alfetta is one of those restyled in 1981 and I think that some parts are the same of GTV 6 , or not ???? for example flex drive jonts or disc brake rotors ???? thanks for yur help rob
  13. New member - 147 owner - restoring

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi im new on the forum - have just become the owner of a 147 selespeed which Im planning on doing some "light restoration" basically its a toy in my garage which will only come out when not raining. Always wanted one! im planning on putting right a few years of neglect from previous owners...
  14. restoring new car shine

    South Africa
    Hi all as you know I have a silver 3.2 Ti. I would like to restore the shine to the bodywork for the "better than new" look. The car is registered as a 2013 but was obviously a 2012 delivery and it stood some time in the sun exposed to the elements. It looks very good, smells brand new but could...
  15. Category C Write Off - Worth Restoring

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    My GT JTD has been classed a Category C write off due tothe repair costs after an accident. The insurance company have put a value of €800 to salvage the car. Its a 2007 Monza spec with only 55000 miles. New clutch 15000 miles ago and timing belt and water pump 8000 miles ago. Its all front...
  16. Alfa 33 1.7 8V Racing/track car help restoring needed

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Hey Everyone I am in the process of putting a 33 track'/racing car back on the track where it should be and in need of some help. So am offering anyone enthusiastic the chance to help me with the preparation for which I am willing to pay. I also make a great cup of tea and would like to share...
  17. Restoring 147/156 headlights?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I've noticed that although the headlights on my 147 GTA look fine in the daylight, when the lights are on I can see there are lots of tiny stonechips all over the front plastic lenses. I just wondered whether anyone had attempted to improve this using either very fine wet/dry or a cutting paste...
  18. restoring the shine to the exhaust

    Alfa Giulietta
    does anyone have any tips on what I can use to bring back and retain the shine to my exhaust? I'm wary of using "chrome" cleaners as I don't know exactly what it's made of, and don't fancy damaging it but I can't get it to shine after just using some Turtle Wax and a sponge :( wouldn't mind...
  19. Restoring faded plastic without products.

    Car Detailing
    Came across this video this evening; Anyone tried it?
  20. Restoring Red Paintwork - best method?

    Car Detailing
    My son has just bought a Red (non metallic) 147 51 plate 47k miles. The red is just beginning that typical fade with some panels now a slightly different shade and the scalloping on the LH side of the bonnet having oxidation on the surface. It isn't too bad (yet) but clearly the previous owner...