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  1. Way off topic forum not working - RESOLVED

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    For me at any rate. I can access any thread in there, but I can't access the lounge itself.
  2. Editing old posts - RESOLVED

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    I have noticed that there is no longer a time limit for editing your own posts - i.e. I am able to edit posts that are years old. I'm not sure that this is such a good idea, as this could potentially change the whole meaning of some threads and may cause embarrasment or offence if abused. I'm...
  3. Voting "bug" - RESOLVED

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    if you are on the second (or any other than 1st) page when voting in a poll, you are taken back to the first page... could it be made so that you stay on the page where you cast the vote?
  4. Log in? - RESOLVED

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    Every time I go away from AO and come back, I have to re log-in. Does this suggest it's not setting cookies properly?
  5. Facelift 156 instrument colour mystery resolved - possibly

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    This is probably of interest only to me and Mitch, but I was surprised to see that Mitch's new 156JTS had ivory coloured dials which I thought were Lusso spec only. Upon reading the very very small print of the launch brochure for the facelift 156, I found this : Turismo and Veloce have an...